A-B-C Phone™



The A-B-C Phone™ is a cell phone with an alcohol breathalyzer incorporated into the phone. By breathing or talking into the phone, blood alcohol levels can be measured and the allowable programmed functions can be used. For example, if a low level of alcohol is detected, the parameters are compared to the programmed restrictions, and driving and phone usage are normal. If a programmed impairment level has not been reached, the wireless ignition interlock system is not activated, and the user may drive the vehicle.

For times when the detected alcohol level is above the set parameters, safety features programmed into the phone are activated. These features may include blocking certain phone numbers, calling for a ride, or not starting the vehicle, especially when a user’s alcohol limit is excessive. Each phone can be personalized with acceptable limitations decided for the user.






Special features

  • Cell phone has normal cell phone functions
  • Breathalyzer incorporated into phone functions
  • One piece – no breathalyzer attachment necessary
  • Parameters for alcohol levels may be set
  • Function activation or de-activation corresponds with detected levels of alcohol
  • May be customized for each individual
  • Includes wireless-capable ignition interlock system
  • Programmable phone number data base
  • Prevents embarrassing phone calls while impaired
  • Can provide help when needed (call a cab)
  • Prevents drunk driving accidents
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Easy to use





The A-B-C Phone™ is a new cellular phone with a breathalyzer included in the functions. The phone is programmed for recognizing different levels of blood alcohol content (BAC) and restricting specific actions. For example, a low BAC (0.02 and below) is an acceptable level and does not impair the user’s judgement. A high BAC (0.08) is the legal limit and will cause a driver to be arrested if stopped by a policeman. At that level, and above, judgement is impaired, decision-making is not normal, and reaction times are much slower or non-existent. Functions on the phone are restricted, such as blocking particular phone numbers, and can be programmed to call for help (a cab). The user’s vehicle may be equipped with a wireless ignition interlock system, which would prevent starting and driving the vehicle while impaired. These small steps may be inconvenient, but they are life-saving measures to ensure the safety of the driver and others by preventing drunk-driving accidents.

The A-B-C Phone™ has another feature that is in place to prevent the impaired user from making bad personal decisions while impaired. The phone can be programmed to block a group of phone numbers at a recognized BAC level. The phone numbers could include an ex, the boss, and other people the user should not correspond with while drinking. The A-B-C Phone™ protects the user from embarrassing situations, prevents drunk driving, and is a great tool for persons convicted of a DUI.

Materials needed to produce the A-B-C Phone™:

  • Cell phone
    • Programmable
    • Blue-tooth enabled
  • Breathalyzer software
  • Phone number database
  • Recognition software
    • Ignition interlock
    • Breathalyzer analysis levels




The  A-B-C Phone™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 8,560,010














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