Drag-On Leaf Snake™



The Drag-On Leaf Snake™ is a refuse container that can be placed on the ground for collecting raked leaves. A leaf blower may also be used. The rectangular frame can be placed on its side for direct access, and will hold leaves, grass clippings, shrub and hedge clippings, pine straw and all other yard waste.

The Drag-On Leaf Snake™ may also be used, with an inner bag, as a trash receptacle. Stand the frame up, fill with trash, and lift to move the trash further down in the bag. Fill again and repeat the process until the inner bag is full.

The Drag-On Leaf Snake™ is easy to fill, easy to move and easy to empty. It is a versatile product that can be used to collect most anything, and is perfect for use in yards, at picnics, for sporting events and any other outdoor activity.




Special features

  • Sturdy rectangular frame
  • Easy way to bag leaves
  • No picking up leaves by hand
  • Increases productivity
  • Also holds other yard debris
  • Can be used with a leaf blower
  • Outer bag made from durable material
  • Bag can be dragged to any location
  • Does not catch on roots, rocks, or stubble
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Can be used with an inner disposable bag
  • Can be used for trash at outdoor events
  • Easy to empty
  • Stacks for easy storage
  • Saves time
  • Versatile product




The Drag-On Leaf Snake™ is designed as an easy receptacle for most yard debris, such as leaves, grass clippings, pine straw, hedge trimmings and shrubbery clippings. The rectangular frame is made of metal or plastic tubing, is sturdy, and lays on its side for easy access. A bag, made of inexpensive and very durable material, is attached to the frame, which holds the bag open. Large amounts of leaves and debris can be raked in. This also works great with a leaf blower.

The full bag may be dragged to different locations in the yard, and will not tear or get snagged on rocks, roots, grass or weed stubble. There is a large opening on the bag that is held shut with hook-and-loop closures. When opened, leaves may be dumped by picking up the frame and rolling the bag to the other side.

The Drag-On Leaf Snake™ can also be used with an inner bag for collecting debris and tying it closed for removal. By standing the frame upright, the frame becomes a trash can. When full, simply lift the frame to release the trash further into the bag. The bag is filled the same way, tied closed, and removed through the large opening instead of pulling it out through the top.

The Drag-On Leaf Snake™ is available in two sizes. The Leaf Snake is the regular one for home use, and the larger Leaf Dragon is for commercial use. Inner disposable bags are available in the appropriate sizes for each product.

The Drag-On Leaf Snake™ is a versatile product that can be used in a lot of different ways. Either size is perfect for collecting debris or trash for any outdoor activity, such as gardening, company picnics, family outings, cookouts, town festivals, and sporting events.

Materials needed to produce the Drag-On Leaf Snake™:

  • Frame
    • Metal tubing
    • Plastic tubing
  • Outer Bag
    • Mesh Fabric
  • Hook and loop closures
  • Plastic inner bags (optional)



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