Call Screening System




The Call Screening System™ is a system of call screening technologies that can be incorporated into a device, a fixed-network telephone service, or a mobile app. This system can screen calls, reject unwanted callers, accept allowed calls, and record messages.

The Call Screening System™ performs call-screening tasks based on received information; allowed, blocked or unknown phone numbers, ability to answer a question, and other criteria. Optional security questions may require a response from a caller before the call is allowed to be connected. This technique will screen out automated calls, since no response can be entered. The phone user can also implement a warning for unwanted live-person callers, such as telemarketers and solicitors.



Special features   

  • Screens calls before they are connected
  • Provides security for user
  • Works with all types of phones
  • Device connects to landline phone
  • System works with network-based products
  • Can be downloaded as a mobile app
  • Saves time





Approximately 97% of U.S. households use some type of phone service. These include landlines, network-based services, and mobile phones. Users of multiple types of phones now have a call-screening option that works for all of their phones. The Call Screening System™ is a versatile system that satisfies all call screening needs. It provides options for all phone users, no matter what type of phone they have.

The Call Screening System™ protects all phones and eliminates unwanted calls. The system can perform tasks to prevent calls from being connected, which reduces the number of messages left in a mailbox.

The Call Screening System™ can be built into a cellular phone or landline phone (this form may require a device). It screens out undesired solicitation call from human telemarketers and automated callers before the phone rings, so that the user is not disturbed by such calls. The user can specify, in a prerecorded message, what type of calls will be taken or not taken. The system can ask a question that requires an answer before the call can be connected. The user can whitelist the allowed contacts so they can bypass the preliminary screening. The device can also record caller messages like a conventional answering machine.

Call screening can save the user time by not allowing unwanted messages to clog up the voicemail. This process also saves data space on a cellular phone. The Call Screening System™ is a new and improved way to get the most beneficial use of phone services.



The Call Screening System™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: #9,712,670















The Call Screening System™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: #9,386,149















The Call Screening System™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: #10,284,719




















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