These technologies are multifaceted and generally relate to monitoring and controlling various aspects of an electrical energy system. The technologies can be combined into a unified Electrical Energy Controller & Monitor (EEC&M) as described in this prospectus and/or each technology can be used independently.

The monitoring system tracks power usage throughout the home or business, and takes action if there is a problem. This action could include breaking the circuit associated with the problem and notifying the owner. The ecosystem integration software allows monitoring power usage, notification of safety issues, and receiving security alerts from any smartphone or other device.

The EEC&M provides and saves energy usage details, is compatible with security and automation networks, monitors all devices in the home or business individually, and takes action immediately if a threat occurs (power surges, excessive heat, fire, water, etc.)

Please note: although these technologies are presented in a group in this prospectus, they are each standalone and has application and value individually.






Special features

  • Energy and cost efficient
  • Monitors and controls energy usage for every device
  • Identifies abnormal usage profiles
  • Identifies and tracks individual devices
  • Monitors device health
  • Increases safety and security
  • Remote notification and control
  • Enables user to turn things on or off from anywhere
  • Cloud stores and analyzes energy usage
  • Compatible with home automation and security networks





The EEC&M is an electrical panel that consists of circuit breakers, monitoring nodes and trip logic. All devices connected to circuits can be monitored and controlled individually. A wired/wireless communication system is connected to the circuit breakers and trips the necessary circuit when a problem is detected. Each circuit breaker includes circuitry for detecting faults and generates a response when fault signals are received. Data usage and storage are provided for each circuit and device.

The EEC&M is compatible with home automation networks. Thermostats, lights and other smart devices can be controlled and set at levels that reduce energy usage, especially when no one is home or during peak hours. If abnormal levels of energy usage are detected, circuits may be tripped and users notified.

The EEC&M is also compatible with home security networks. Doors, windows, garage doors, and other locations that are not normally disturbed, are monitored automatically for abnormal activity. Cameras, alarms, and other security devices can be activated automatically, and the notifications go to the owners and emergency personnel.

Materials needed to produce the EEC&M:

  • Electrical distribution board
    • Circuit breakers
    • Fault detection logic
    • Monitoring nodes
    • Trip control logic
    • Bluetooth technology
  • Integrated communication system
  • Compatible automation system
  • Compatible security system
  • Communication software
  • Data storage


The EEC&M is covered by United States Utility Patents: #9,438,026  













The EEC&M is covered by United States Utility Patents:# 9,613,523














The EEC&M is covered by United States Utility Patents:#10,205,343






















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