Grip and Dexterity Glove



The Grip and Dexterity Glove is a glove that does not need to be removed to operate an electronic device, tie a shoe or search through a wallet. The palm-side fingertip area has thin, touchscreen material on the finger pads to provide a surface that will allow the wearer to perform nearly all tasks without removing the glove.

The touchscreen material is used for the finger pads to keep the fingers from being too bulky. This will allow user to operate electronics and perform certain tasks without removing the gloves, keeping the hands warm instead of exposing them in cold weather.




Special features

  • Warm, insulated glove allows user perform tasks, such as tying shoes, without removing glove
  • Glove does not need to be removed for tasks in cold weather
  • Palm-side fingertips are thin and tight—not bulky
  • Back and palm area of glove insulated for warmth
  • Finger pads comprised of touchscreen material
  • Fingers can move easily to perform tasks
  • Does not need to be removed to operate electronics
  • Does not need to be removed to perform other tasks
  • Glove is waterproof
  • Winter glove for everyday use during winter
  • This technology can be used for any style of glove





The Grip and Dexterity Glove is warm glove that protects a wearer’s hands from cold temperatures. It is thin at the fingertips and insulated in the rest of the palm area and on back for warmth. The fingertips contain a tight, thinner material for electronics use, and the fingers can easily move to manipulate small objects, such as zippers and buttons.

The touchscreen material works great with any electronic device (cell phone, tablet) and does not require removing the glove for use. The thin palm-side fingertip area allows the dexterity required for tying a shoe, retrieving money from a wallet, and other tasks, also without removing the glove.

The Grip and Dexterity Glove can be used as a work glove for those who work outside in cold weather, such as farmers and utility workers. This glove is also great for winter recreation, such as snowboarding and skiing, and the chances of losing a glove on the ski lift are greatly reduced since glove removal is not necessary.

The Grip and Dexterity Glove would be available in multiple sizes to fit anyone that could use a standard-sized glove. Many users will find this glove to be a warm, convenient and very great product for protection from the harsh winter temperatures.

Materials needed to produce the Grip and Dexterity Glove:

  • Waterproof material
    • Synthetic leather
  • Touchscreen material
  • Insulation



The Grip and Dexterity Glove is covered by United States Utility Patent:  9,642,406






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