Power Generating and Water Purifying System



The Power Generating and Water Purifying System is a substation that provides clean water, produces steam, and generates power using alternative fuels. This technology provides a green source of energy, provides a way to purify water, and provides multiple solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

These devices will allow homeowners, subdivisions, and commercial complexes to run water distilleries by creating electricity, chilled water to cool a home, an office, or a hospital, hot water for bathing and cleaning, boiling water to heat an occupied space, and steam to sterilize medical utensils. This system is designed to fulfill multiple needs: producing electricity and purifying water by boiling both wastewater and potable water, thereby revolutionizing the field of thermodynamics.





Special features

  • Superior quality water purifying system
  • Boils bacteria and mycotoxins out of drinking water
  • Cleans wastewater and potable water
  • Steam driven turbines produce electricity
  • Water-driven engine
  • Cools and heats water
  • Cools and heats air for an occupied space
  • Uses alternative fuels (propane, natural gas, wood-burning stove)
  • Residential, commercial, and industrial applications
  • Provides a clean energy source
  • Substation capable of powering a small subdivision, office building, school or hospital



The Power Generating and Water Purifying System is a power plant or electrical substations that includes water purification. This device will fight, prevent and eliminate bacteria, Mycotoxin, parasites, and viruses from penetrating or passing though this machine. Using only alternate fuels to produce high heat, this technology can be engineered to purify water while producing electricity.


By combining several fields based from the same principals, and supported by the laws of physics. the once impossible can be made possible. Unusable water sources in remote locations can now be utilized for buildings and habitation in new locations. Other countries are now modernizing industries and need a right way to overcome population explosions by building in remote areas where utility resources are normally difficult to establish.

How it works:

Steam-generating turbines rotate shafts connected to single phase motor generator connected to gear plate, rotating five phases of three phase power for grid, and single 240 volt for refrigeration turbine sub-zero super-refrigeration cooling steam generating turbine tiers, four tiers each cylinder, twelve cylinders. Water cylinder collects purified drinking water chilled below 40 degrees for cooling of occupied space. This device (substation) is an air conditioner, heater, water purifier, ice maker, and power generating device. Generators are encased in refrigerated ice block.

Materials needed to produce the Power Generating and Water Purifying System:

Manufacturing the device will require:

Five small generators

Twelve single-phase motor generators with three-feet shaft or three one-foot shafts

Compression couplings

Roll of copper and brass mixture of sheet metal to braze one-foot sections, building a tea kettle with turbines, one in each tier

Steam generator with steam manifold brought to swamp cooler (condensing coil submerged in chilled water)

Gear plate on print (have mathematics finished to determine rate of revolutions)

Each gear is either one single phase motor generator or three phases 360-volt generators Process can be micronized as small as a shoebox (size of devices is determined by BTU output, electrical input running turbines, chiller barrel, water pumps, and steam percolations)






The Power Generating and Water Purifying System is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,696,566






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