Multi-Neb Adapter™



The Multi-Neb Adapter™ enables delivery of nebulizer medication and high flow oxygen together at the same time. With the Multi-Neb Adapter™ it is no longer necessary to disconnect the oxygen line to introduce the nebulizer treatment into the patient’s airway.

When installed, the Multi-Neb Adapter™ enables a healthcare specialist or caretaker to administer nebulized medication through an oxygen line without first removing the oxygen line from the patient. The cap of the nebulizer port can be removed to expose its open end through which the nebulized medication is inserted after the nebulizer is connected. An uninterrupted stream of oxygen flows through the oxygen line port and through the mask connector port to the patient as the nebulizer is connected and while it is administering medication to the stream of oxygen. The two ports come together and create a Y-connection that mixes the medication and oxygen before being ingested by the patient.

The connector of the Multi-Neb Adapter™ comprises a simple adapter that is well suited for introducing a nebulizer into a high flow oxygen treatment line. The Y-shaped adapter allows for the simultaneous connection of a nebulizer and oxygen delivery system to the patient, whereby the nebulizer treatment can be operably initiated without stopping the oxygen therapy. With both devices connected, the Multi-Neb Adapter™ enables a patient to receive a nebulizer treatment while maintaining an appropriate percentage of oxygen at the same time, which prevents a drop in oxygen saturation.



Special features

  • Enables delivery of nebulizer medication and high flow oxygen together at the same time
  • Three-way oxygen therapy adaptor
  • Cost effective – no added valves, special connectors, or moving parts
  • Convenient
  • Prevents a drop in oxygen saturation
  • No time wasted swapping between oxygen and nebulizer treatments
  • Will not compromise the delivery of the nebulizer treatment
  • Durable




Materials needed to produce the Multi-Neb Adapter™:

  • Three-way connector
    • Y-Shaped
    • Two female and one male connector
      • Oxygen line connection
      • Oxygen mask connection
      • Nebulizer connection
  • Securable cap
    • Air-tight seal
    • Tethered to nebulizer port conduit




The Multi-Neb Adapter™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: . 10,065,012











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