LaTBD (La ToothBrush Décor)




The LaTBD is a decorative device created to cover and sanitize an electric toothbrush while sitting on the bathroom counter.

The cover can be customized and personalized with color and design. It covers the entire toothbrush and handle, protects the toothbrush from airborne and countertop contaminants, and is aesthetically pleasing.




Special features

  • Covers entire electric toothbrush
  • Protects brush from airborne contaminants
  • Protects brush from countertop contaminants
  • Personalized cover
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Sanitizes toothbrush between uses
  • Ingenious and practical design
  • Improves oral care









The LATBD is a novel cover that is placed over the existing structure of an electric toothbrush. It can be customized to fit bathroom décor or personalized to appeal to the user. It protects both sections of the toothbrush (brush and handle) from airborne and countertop contaminants.

The cover is made of plastic for easy cleaning and comes in two parts. This allows insertion of the electric toothbrush for protection. A UV light is also included for sanitizing the brush between uses. Multiple covers could be purchased for all family members.

The LaTBD is the only product of its kind that offers a cover for an electric toothbrush that remains on the countertop. It is an aesthetically pleasing accessory to any bathroom that keeps the electric toothbrush readily available for use.

Materials needed to produce the LaTBD:

  • Small handles
  • Vent holes
  • Electric toothbrush cover
  • Holes for power cord
  • Base
  • Two-piece cover
  • UV light



The  LaTBD is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,051,659






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