Pool Pack Towel





The Pool Pack Towel is both a lounge chair towel and a backpack in one! Planning a trip to the pool or beach? The Pool Pack Towel is designed to carry everything you need to enjoy the trip! The Pool Pack contains pockets to store phones, wallets, keys, beach and pool essentials, and much more! Turn the bag inside-out, and the bag transforms into an extra-long towel, perfectly designed to cover a lounge chair. The Pool Pack Towel is perfect for anyone who wants or needs to keep their hands free! The Pool Pack Towel is an established product and can be made available in many colors, designs, and materials.



The Pool Pack Towel’s most unique feature is that it converts from a backpack into an extra-long towel. There are no other products on the market like the Pool Pack Towel! When the backpack is turned inside-out, it slips over the back of a lounge chair to keep the extra-long towel in place. You will no longer have to struggle with keeping your towel in place on a lounge chair! The back of the cover also has a huge mesh pouch to hold drinks, towels, toys, and more while lounging by the water.



When the towel is laid out, there are conveniently located, removable pockets that hang off the side of the chair. You can use these pockets to store your essential items, like keys, wallet, cell phone, tablet devices, and much more! And when you’re done lounging by the pool, you can zip the pockets closed and fold everything up neatly into the backpack. The backpack can also be hung up when not in use!


The Pool Pack Towel is the most convenient tool you’ll ever use at the pool or beach!




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With the Pool Pack Towel, there is no need to haul multiple heavy bags full of your family’s poolside or beach accessories, or to constantly readjust your towel to get comfortable on a lounge chair.

 The Pool Pack Towel is the stylish and comfortable solution to lounge chair towels that makes reality match the dream. It’s a backpack that transforms into the ultimate lounge chair towel. It’s the only pool or beach bag that you’ll ever need!

 The Bahama Mama is a stylish, rich blend of pink with classy orange stripes that will make a real poolside or beach statement that compliments any summer look.





You can travel to the pool hands-free and arrive in style with this amazing-looking backpack. As soon as you get there you can quickly and easily transform your backpack into a luxurious soft lounge chair cover. Simply slide the pocket over the back of the chair for the perfect secure fit.



Get ready to relax! All of your valuables can be safely and conveniently stowed right by your side in the removable matching 4 pocket pouch. You can also store your pool or beach accessories…hats, lotions, extra towels, kids’ toys, snacks and drinks…in the “extra spacious” mesh pouch that sits behind the head rest. We’ve even included a discrete zippered phone and valuables pocket. Everything you need is within hands-reach, leaving you to enjoy the tranquility.

When the sun sets, simply fold up the bag with all your possessions and throw it over your shoulders. You’re ready to head home after the perfect day at the pool or beach.

Materials needed to produce the Pool Pack Towel™:

  • Towel Material (can vary by weight)
  • Backpack Straps
  • Stainless Steel Clips
  • Stainless Steel Rings
  • Mesh Storage Compartment
  • Detachable 4 Pocket Bag and Phone Storage


The Pool Pack Towel is an established product already available to consumers that can be used to demonstrate the design and functionality of the product.




The Pool Pack Towel is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,736,405






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