Fever Detector Wrist Band




The Fever Detector Wrist Band is a device, that when worn by a user, can detect body temperature and indicate a higher-than-normal range with a color indicator. The band is made of silicone or rubber, can be worn by anyone, and indicated a fever, which may require medical attention.

This medical device is inexpensive, requires no power to operate, and can be a useful tool to help reduce the spread of illness in a pandemic. The Fever Detector Wrist Band will be used as a tool to indicate the early stages of an illness, such as a fever, and will allow the user to get tested and treated much quicker.




Special features

  • Simple wrist band design
  • Can be worn by adults and children
  • Indicates a rise in temperature by color change
  • Initiates medical attention at an earlier stage
  • Durable product
  • Easy operation
  • Low maintenance device
  • No power required to operate device
  • No electronics to recharge
  • Suitable for use during pandemic outbreaks
  • Suitable for use in underdeveloped nations
  • Health tool for global use




The Fever Detector Wrist Band is a fever-detecting wrist band device that contains a thermochromic liquid crystal (TLC) material, which can change colors corresponding to a set of temperature ranges, encased in a transparent casing. The transparent casing has a thin bottom section to allow the TLC material to gather body heat when the wrist band is worn by a user and the bottom section comes in contact with the skin of the user.

The transparent casing also insulates the TLC material from all sides which are not in contact with the skin of the user so that surrounding temperature does not affect the color change of the TLC material. When the user wears the Fever Detector Wrist Band, the TLC material might change color indicating a higher body temperature of the user which in turn could indicate that either the user has a fever or the user might have a fever soon if not treated immediately.

The device is low-maintenance, durable, doesn’t need power to operate, can be used with minimal training and is easy to carry around and store. Such a device should be useful to disaster relief personnel to keep an eye on their temperature while working in the affected areas and should allow them to use the same device with potential patients.

Commercial sales will be possible through a large market consisting of businesses, day cares schools and other establishments where monitoring daily temperatures is essential. The Fever Detector Wrist Band is a product that would be very beneficial in all health-related businesses, community outreach programs, health related relief efforts in underdeveloped countries, and pandemic monitoring and containment practices.

The Fever Detector Wrist Band technology can also be incorporated a fitness watch or monitor.


Materials needed to produce the Fever Detector Wrist Band:

  • Wrist band
    • Flexible
    • Silicon or Rubber
  • Transparent case
    • Thin bottom
    • Insulated
  • Thermochromic liquid crystal
    • Color changing
  • Contact Plate





The Fever Detector Wrist Band  is covered by United States Utility Patent:  9,974,441




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