The Greenship™ is a new packing material for shipping cold items. Recycled glass and wax are combined to make custom-shaped candles to place in a shipping container and to fit flush with the item being shipped. Then simply use the candles once the container arrives and shipped items and packing are removed.

The Greenship™ candles are dual-purpose – they are used as packing material, especially for cold shipping, and then can be burned as a decorative item in a home or office. They contain recycled glass, which is the most difficult item to recycle. When finished, the sea glass (tumbled glass) pieces may be scattered in a garden, placed in a fish tank, placed in potted plants for decoration, and other endless uses. Nothing is wasted.



Special features

  • Packing material made from recycled glass and wax
  • Candles are shaped to fit against shipped item
  • Custom-made to fit inside shipping container
  • Can be cooled to very low temperatures
  • Stays colder longer than ice packs and foam
  • No waste – candles will burn
  • Remaining glass pieces used as decorative elements



The Greenship™ is a packing structure made from recycled glass and wax. It may be shaped into forms that fit around an item to be shipped, such as a jar, and will fill the container to protect the jar in transit. Wicks may be added to the structures, making them usable candles. By providing an alternative to other forms of packing, such as foam and plastic, the contents of the entire package are usable and there is no waste.

This form of structure is especially good for cold-packing. Wax and glass are dense, and when cooled to a temperature lower than freezing, they will remain cold longer during transport, and the item will arrive properly cooled.

The glass pieces, once released from the candle after burning, can be used as decorative items, like sea glass, and placed into many places, such as potted plants, a garden, a fish tank, or made into other items such as ashtrays or dishes. Nothing goes to waste, and everything can be recycled.

Shipping companies who specialize in cold shipping will find that Greenship™ candles are a way to keep products cold and safe while in transit. Products arrive properly cooled with an added bonus – candles to use in their homes or offices. Reusing packing material that normally gets thrown away is a great recycling practice, and many people who order products online from companies, such as Amazon, will appreciate the gift of not having to deal with the leftover trash. Candle companies, such as Yankee Candle, will adopt this new technology to add a different element to their product line. They could also be one of the companies that makes shipping candles for all vendors.

Greenship™ candles are a new way to recycle broken glass, keep shipped items cold longer, and provide an unexpected bonus for those who receive packages.



The Greenship™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,294,004















The Greenship™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: . 9,314,973















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