Clear Advantage Pantry™


Clear Advantage Pantry™ is a semi-custom system with 3 standard size rollout units that can be mixed and matched to fit any standard 24″ deep pantry. Works well in a pantry closet or walk-in pantry that has a 24″ depth.

Shown is a 36″ wide by 90″ high pantry. It has four acrylic drawers at the top, 4 vertical acrylic rollout units in the center and a bottom rollout shelf. All drawers have 100 pound slides and all vertical rollouts have 200 pound slides, and when fully extended, every item can be easily seen and accessed. The acrylic is a lightweight material and when chemically fused will provide a strong system that will accommodate maximum storage capacity applied on the unit.




Upper Drawers

The drawers are custom cut to width and work in pairs on the wider cabinets. Traditional cabinets are 24″ deep and have a fixed shelf about shoulder high. This makes the top 1/3 of most cabinets basically useless except for the very front of the cabinet. One cannot see or reach items near the back or on the upper shelves. With Clear Advantage Pantry™ drawers are in pairs. When drawers are fully extended, items can be seen through the bottom and accessed by reaching over the sides. Large items such as cereal boxes and snacks are normally stored in the upper drawers.








Vertical Rollout Units

The Vertical Rollout Units are made as three standard size units “A”,”B”,”C”.

                           “A” Unit Extended                                                      “B” Unit Extended

The “A” unit has a back with 3 shelves designed to hold large items such as boxes and large bottles. The wine rack shown is optional and can be added on any shelf at an additional cost.

The “B” Unit is designed using a center divider with shelves on both sides so that cans and bottles can be easily seen and accessed without reaching over any other items. This unit will hold 56 standard size cans or bottles.

The “C” unit is half “B” unit and is used in cabinets that are too narrow for the full “B” unit.

(“B” units can be replaced with “A” units if desired)


Bottom Rollout Shelf

The bottom rollout shelf is designed with 130-pound capacity, full extension pantry slides and sits on the floor of the cabinet. Heavy items can be easily accessed without crawling into the cabinet. Clear Advantage Pantry™ furnishes the support shelf and vertical supports that support the vertical rollout units. This is done due to the large loads these units will carry. Drawer supports are also furnished with the drawers. The drawer support structure is a black high density plastic that matches the high gloss black acrylic trim. The support shelf is 1 ½” thick plywood, and the support to hold up the shelf is ¾” thick engineered board with a plastic finish. It sits on the cabinet floor and is fastened to the sidewalls of the cabinet to transfer the heavy loads to the floor. The front edge of the support shelf and the supports holding up the shelf, have the front edges covered with a high-gloss black acrylic.





Closet Pantry

Clear Advantage Pantry™ also works well in a pantry closet that is 24″ deep. The DrawersVertical Rollout Units and Bottom Rollout Shelf operate the same as in a pantry unit. We custom cut the support and shelves for each individual closet. All units are now trimmed in black acrylic. Door baskets can also be used as shown, but are not furnished by Clear Advantage Pantry™.


“Organization is really important to me. Clear Advantage Pantry™ allows me to organize and see every item in my pantry.” – Diane






 Walk-in Pantry

Clear Advantage Pantry™ can be used in a walk-in pantry to maximize space. Shown is a before and after walk-in pantry.

                                                     Before                                                                           After

“My Clear Advantage Pantry™ is just amazing! It stores more food items that I could store in my walk-in pantry.” – Michele



Special features

  • Extended upper drawers with items that can be seen clearly
  • Efficiently organizes more items than any other food storage system
  • Clear – so you can see each item from all sides, including from below
  • Maximizes the volume of the cabinet to use all the valuable cabinet space with no area wasted
  • Perfect for overhead items
  • Eliminates accidental duplicate purchases
  • No more items stuck in the back of the cabinet and forgotten food resulting in expired or stale food
  • Easy to install
  • Each unit rolls out individually
  • Can fit any size cabinet or closet pantry
  • Spills are not a problem – won’t leak thru
  • May also be utilized in the garage or work shop
  • Easier to clean than wood or wire shelves
  • Works with your new and existing kitchen pantries
  • Thinner and lighter than wood
  • Because the drawers are on full extension slides items can be easily put in and removed
  • The support shelf for the vertical rollouts is designed for 100 pounds per vertical rollout, which gives an extra safety factor over the typical design load of 66 pounds per vertical rollout
  • Easy to store and retrieve items






Materials needed to produce the Clear Advantage Pantry™:

  • ¼” Clear Acrylic
    • 4’ x 8’ Sheet
  • 3/8” Clear acrylic
    • 4’ x 8’ sheet
  • ¼” High gloss black
  • Solvent and syringe
  • Drawer pull/knobs
  • Nylon locknuts
  • Machine screws
  • Paint
  • 1 pr. 100# 20” BB slides per drawer
  • 1 pr. 200# 20” BB slides per vertical rollout
  • Drawer support system
    • Tenn-Tex Quick-Tray set
  • 1 ½” Plywood
    • 4’ x 8’ Sheet
  • ¾” Engineered board
    • 4’ x 8’
    • Melamine finish


The Clear Advantage Pantry™ is covered by United States Utility Patent:  8,109,581











The Clear Advantage Pantry™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,788,653












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