ProPan 360™



As the world becomes more digitalized, many people are recording more of what they do from exciting adventures to their daily activities. In recent years, wearable cameras such as GoPros have become popular for many users due to their compact size and great video quality. Even though the cameras themselves have been greatly improving each year, the camera mounting devices to accompany these cameras are far behind in their usability and innovation. The ProPan 360™ seeks to challenge the industry standards by its innovative design and usability.

The ProPan 360™ is a small, programmed camera mounting device that is paired with a wireless remote for controlling its functions. It contains an industry standard stud to mount GoPros and many other small cameras making it an easy add for many users for their camera accessories. The key feature for the ProPan 360™ is the ability to create engaging content that will keep viewers watching with no editing required due to the ability to constantly change the view of the camera. One of the great features to accomplish this is the ability for it to rotate 360 degrees by using the wireless remote to direct the direction and speed at which the camera is rotating. This makes it perfect to record more intense activities such as motor sports, off roading, and boating


Special features

  • Saves hours of time for users editing video
  • Improves the quality of videos a user can create
  • Can seamlessly rotate 360 degrees by going left or right
  • Multitude of speeds and ability to pause when moving
  • Ability to move camera side to side and up or down
  • Easily adjust the camera position every few seconds
  • Wireless remote with a variety of options
  • Compatible with many cameras such as a GoPro
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to operate
  • Cost efficient to make and sell to consumers





The ProPan 360™ is perfect for any wearable camera user whether they are vlogging on their trip to the beach or recording their intense ATV ride over rough terrain. The ProPan 360™ is a small, easily transportable, specially programmed, wirelessly controlled camera mounting device. It consists of a camera mounting device and a wireless remote to control the mounting device. The camera mounting device is equipped with a secure, ¼-20 stud which is the standard type of stud used by tripods. This makes it easy for a user to easily mount a GoPro camera or any other kind of small wearable camera.

The key feature of the ProPan 360™ is the ability to create interesting and engaging videos that require minimal to no editing. This means users can directly upload their footage to YouTube, Instagram, their personal website, or any other online media platform. One of the big features of the ProPan 360™ that allows this to happen is how it can rotate the camera up to 360 degrees, left or right, with an option of 3 different speeds to choose from. The programmed rotations from a front position are 90 degrees to the right, 90 degrees to the left, 180 degrees, and a continuous 360 degrees rotation option. It is also able to rotate the camera up and down to allow more angles.

This provides amazing footage with the ability to constantly change the view and angles compared to the typical one position shot most GoPro users have available with other mounting devices. This then reduces the need to edit any time consuming shifts of a typical mounting device along with reducing the need to splice different footage together to create interesting content. This in turn saves the consumer a great deal of time and energy typically spent editing footage along with making it easier for those with minimal to no editing skills able to record great content.


The ProPan 360™ can be attached and secured to surfaces by a variety of methods making it perfect for recording more intense activities like motor sports. The device can be charged wirelessly making it easy to be ready to go for the next recording session. The ProPan 360™ is controlled by a wireless controller making it easy to use without having to be able to manually adjust the camera’s position. With the wireless remote, users can move the mount up and down, choose their rotation option, and their speed option.

The other great features about the ProPan 360™ are that it makes the user experience overall better with the key features while still being easy to operate. Its lightweight and compact design allow it to be used in a variety of scenarios making it an easy choice when deciding what to use when filming new footage. The ProPan 360™ is truly in a league of its own allowing the usability and flexibility users greatly desire to bring their content to the next level while simultaneously putting in less effort and money towards hiring a videographer, using multiple cameras, and/or spending hours editing content to make it production ready.

Materials needed to produce the ProPan 360™:

  • Circular case to hold electronics
  • Electric motor
  • Circuit Boards
  • ¼-20 mounting stud
  • Mounting feet
  • Wireless remote



The ProPan 360™ is covered by United States Utility Patents: 9,977,312 and 10,620,507







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