Stand Up Strings




The Stand Up Strings is a unique product that can bring revolutionary change to the music industry for guitarists. It is an attachment that allows the musician to play a guitar of any size like a stand-up instrument – electric bass guitar can be played like a vertical bass guitar and an electric guitar can be played like a cello.


The textures and nuances of sound that this attachment can make possible enhances creativity. Those that have used it believe the sound reverberates through the entire length of the apparatus and is richer, with more depth.


The Stand Up Strings is lightweight, made of reused and recycled wood and is easily adaptable for left handed and right handed players.

It is also easily assembled and attached to a guitar with padded clamps that protect the guitar finish.




Special features

  • Enhanced depth of instrument sound as the sound itself reverberates throughout the length of the instrument and apparatus
  • An electric bass guitar can be played like a vertical bass guitar
  • An electric guitar can be played like a cello
  • Stand is lightweight
  • Stand assembles quickly
  • Easily adapted for right or left hand users
  • Can be used with many shapes and sizes of instruments
  • Adds another dimension to the playing experience for avid guitar aficionados
  • Uses padded compression clamps to hold the instrument fast without scratching the finish
  • Gives user the ability to finely adjust the position of the instrument
  • Comes in three height options
  • Made from reused and recycled wood


Three Height Options:



Cost to Produce





The Stand Up Strings is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,366,682 





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