Swim Safe



The Swim Safe is an electricity detection device for safe swimming in pools, lakes, dock areas and hot tubs. By placing several of these small detectors in the water and flipping a switch on a detached control base, alarms will sound if any stray voltage is detected in the water.

By detecting voltage in the water, anyone entering the water will be alerted, and can stay safe from electrical shock, which may cause injury or drowning. Boat docks with incorporated electricity will be safer, and people will enjoy their water adventures, protected from stray voltage.





Special features

  • Detects AC or DC voltage in body of water
  • Sounds alarm when voltage is present
  • Indicates possible shock hazard
  • Can be used in pools and hot tubs
  • Can be used near boat docks
  • Small, portable and reusable
  • Works in any body of water
  • Control box monitors multiple probes
  • Shrill alarm can be easily heard
  • Hard-wired configuration (wireless may be possible)
  • Convenient
  • Inexpensive option






Swim Safe is a floating electricity detector for a body of water. It is a small device that contains a probe wire, voltage detection circuitry, and an alarm module. When voltage is detected in the water, the device activates an alarm, and the danger can be eliminated before entering the water.

This testing method may be used in pools, hot tubs, and dock areas in lakes. The sensors are placed in the water, the control box is activated, and an alarm will sound if voltage is detected. This device can be manufactured in hard-wired or wireless form.

Materials needed to produce the Swim Safe:

  • Float
    • Waterproof
    • Voltage detection circuitry
    • Alarm module
  • Probe wire
  • Control Box
  • Power cord
  • Battery (optional)



The Swim Safe  is covered by United States Utility Patent:  10,222,401















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