Advanced Muzzleloader System


The Advanced Muzzleloader System is an under-barrel launcher for AK series rifles utilizing primitive ignition. These have been declared legal in the U.S. by the BATF and are not considered destructive devices.

Muzzleloaders employ primitive ignition and the loading components are inserted from the muzzle, which is separate from the ignition source. There are currently no launchers of this type available for AK/AR15 rifles.


Special features

  • Under-barrel launcher for AK series rifles
  • Popular accessory
  • Reusable ammunition
  • Viable market for this product
  • Exempt from Federal regulations
  • Not a destructive device
  • Legal for consumers in the U.S.
  • Cost-effective
  • Safe operation






The launcher is externally similar to a GP-30 grenade launcher. The barrel consists of a thin-walled tube 0f 37mm ID with internal threads on the breech end. A breech plug screws into the barrel from the back. There’s a powder chamber built into the breech with a hole drilled through the middle of it in line with the launcher’s center axis. There are 2 rods screwed into the back of the breech plug – one at the top, one at the bottom. A curved plate rotates around the lower rod to swing out from the side of the barrel. This plate is chambered for a 209- shotgun primer so that the primer lines up with the hole in the breech when the plate is in the closed position. The plate has a latch to prevent it from swinging to the side during movement and firing. A recoil plate with a firing pin hole attaches onto the bolts behind the swing-out plate. A copy of a GP-30 firing mechanism attaches to the rods behind the recoil plate. The launcher attaches to the rifle utilizing a mount similar to GP-30’s mount.


The shell is externally similar to a Russian-made VOG-25 grenade. It has an OD of 34mm with rubber gasket band around the middle of the shell with an OD of 38mm. An open-ended tube screws into the back of the shell. The tube fits into the powder chamber in the launcher’s breech when the shell is inserted into the launcher. The tube is filled with Pyrodex powder and its end is closed with nitrated paper. A plastic cap fits over the tube for storage to prevent damage to the paper and the charge.


The plastic cover is removed from the pack of the shell, exposing the tube with nitrated paper at the rear. The shell is pushed all the way into the launcher from the muzzle until the tail tube reaches to the end of the powder chamber. The gasket band holds the shell securely in the barrel. The shooter unlatches the primer plate and swings it out to the left of the launcher. A 209 primer is inserted into the chamber in the plate and swings it up until the plate latches onto the top bolt. At this time the primer is aligned with an ignition hole at the back of the breech. The shooter pulls the trigger of a firing mechanism. The hammer hits a striker which in turn hits the primer. The primer ignites shooting fire through an ignition hole. The fire burns through the nitrated paper igniting the Pyrodex charge. The explosion is contained in the thick-walled powder chamber. As the shell starts moving forward, the tail tube moves out of the powder chamber and the breech into the thin-walled barrel. At that time the gases expand and the pressure drops. The shell keeps moving, exiting from the front of the launcher and onto the target.


The Advanced Muzzleloader System is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,429,386















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