Headphone/MP3 Player Assembly



This unique product fits solidly in the mainstream of our present culture. It is a headphone designed with an MP3 player and AM/FM radio built within. This answers the desire of most pre-teens, teens and young adults in the United States. It is ideal for athletes, exercise enthusiasts, walkers, joggers and those that simply enjoy relaxing to their music of choice.




Special features

  • Headphone format that gives total listening privacy
  • MP3 Player is built in on one side
  • AM/FM radio tuner built in on the other side
  • Bluetooth and WiFi



Ms. Mary Little holds United States Design Patent No. 11,122,368 filed on February 20, 2020, and issued on September 14, 2021.This patent for the Headphone/MP3 Player Assembly expires in 2035, commensurate with the grant date. This patent has 4 claims that protect the exclusive design and/or function of the Headphone/MP3 Player Assembly.





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