Twinkle Toe Light Niche Leak Cap™



The Twinkle Toe Light Niche Leak Cap™ is a silicon seal for an underwater pool light. This cover can be used to seal leaks in the light niche due to cracks and deterioration. The pool does not need to be drained to install this cap.

This is a quick fix for leaking pool lights until the pool is drained, either after the season or before reopening, and the niche cracks can be repaired and lights can be replaced, if necessary. This simple repair seal will save time and money for in-ground pool owners by not having to drain the pool or call a repairman.






Special features

  • One-piece silicon seal/cover
  • Quick repair for niche and conduit leaks
  • No need to drain pool
  • Easy to install
  • Stops leaks around lights
  • Safe for use on all in-ground pool lights
  • Eliminates pool closure for repair
  • User-friendly
  • Time saver
  • Seals with underwater adhesive
  • Creates suction when pushed in
  • Removes air between the seal and light fixture
  • Reduces pool maintenance calls




The Twinkle Toe Light Niche Leak Cap™ is an underwater light cover for use upon a pool’s underwater light fixture. It provides a light cover that creates a water-tight seal around the light niche, and creates suction that holds the cover securely in place with a tight seal. This procedure can be performed without draining the pool.

The Twinkle Toe Light Niche Leak Cap™ is a seal made of silicon. The niche cover is formed from a flexible waterproof material. The cover has a circular shape and is placed upon a round, underwater light niche.  The seal has a curved cross-section that when placed upon the light fixture an air pocket is formed. When it is pressed, it deforms and pushes out air, forming a suction connection.

The seal can be made of clear silicon, so when placed over the light niche, the light can still shine through. When the seal is in place upon the light fixture and the suction connection is achieved, the pool underwater light niche becomes protected from pool water.

Materials needed to produce the Twinkle Toe Light Niche Leak Cap™:

  • Silicon
    • One-piece
    • Molded
    • Cap and seal
  • Underwater adhesive strip



The Twinkle Toe Light Niche Leak Cap™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,125,967
















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