Advantage Electrical Components™



The Advantage Electrical Components™ consist of an electrical receptacle or switch with foldable mounting tabs. This allows for placing and testing of the components before or after drywall is installed. The components with foldable mounting tabs provide a more flexible timeline for electricians to complete their part of a new build project. This can save time and money for all construction projects.

The foldable tab provides options for the electricians to decide when they want to test or install the electrical receptacles or switches. If the drywall has been installed, the Advantage Electrical Components™ can rest inside the mounting box, already wired, and ready to be completed.



Special features

  • Foldable tabs
  • Hinge or trunnion-and-bearing connector
  • Electrical receptacles and switches
  • No parts extend beyond the mounting box
  • Drywall can be installed flush with box edges
  • Electrician can install/test components at any time
  • Electrical components may rest inside box




The Advantage Electrical Components™ are electrical receptacles and switches that can be installed before or after drywall is placed. They have fold-down tabs that allow for insertion and connection of the components into the mounting box. This way, the components can be tested and/or installed before the wall construction is completed.

This is a great advantage for electricians and other builders. The folding tabs can be connected to the receptacle or switch with a hinge or a trunnion-and-bearing assembly. The tabs are folded down for insertion into the box, and raised for attaching. The components can sit in the box, already wired, for installation at a later time. This allows flexibility in the job of the electrician, and no time is wasted by waiting for drywall to be installed.

The Advantage Electrical Components™ are a unique new product that can enable construction of homes, buildings and other structures to be completed in a manner that will save time and money by reducing delays of installing electrical components.


Materials needed to produce the Advantage Electrical Components™:

  • Electrical receptacle
    • Fold-down tab connectors
  • Electrical switch
    • Fold-down tab connectors
  • Foldable tabs
    • Hinged
    • Trunnion and bearing
  • Top and bottom tabs






The  Advantage Electrical Components™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,325,131














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