Lopez Adjustable Shaver™




The Lopez Adjustable Shaver™ offers the user an adjustable head that tilts up and down to adjust the angle of the blades. This ergonomically designed shaver has a longer handle that most shavers. This allows for a more secure handling. It also provides the user with a close shave with three regular razor blades that can be rotated and inverted, which saves time and money.



Special features

  • Adjustable head can be tilted up or down to adjust the angle of the blades
  • The longer handle provides secure handling
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Uses three regular razor blades that can be rotated and inverted to provide a closer shave without added expenses
  • Replacement blades will be readily available at any pharmacy, hardware store, home improvement store, or retail store






Materials needed to produce the Lopez Adjustable Shaver™:

  • Housing
    • Orifice
    • Slightly tapered
  • Neck
    • Coupler
    • Cylindrical
    • Curved
    • Spring
      • Extendable
  • Blade assembly
    • Safety blades
      • Rectangular
      • 3 Openings
      • Male cover
        • 3 Cylindrical protrusions
      • Female cover
        • Coupler
        • 3 Orifices
      • Spacers
        • 3 Holes each
      • Release
  • Shaft
    • Grip




The  Lopez Adjustable Shaver™  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,902,078













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