Bone Putty and Gel System



The Bone Putty and Gel System is a bone gel and putty produced by dissolving demineralized bone matrix in an aqueous solution at temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius. The resulting viscous supernatant is cooled and mixed with non-demineralized or demineralized bone particles to produce a gel or putty-like material. It is a flowable, demineralized bone powder composition with large particle sizes between 0.1 cm to 1.2 cm suspended in a low molecular weight polyhydroxy compound. Another bone composition including demineralized bone material mixed with a carrier for reconstructing bone or tooth defects is also available for this system. The carrier is made by adding a mucopolysaccharide to mineralized bone colloidal material.



Conventional carrier-based bone particle compositions have employed a patient’s own blood as a vehicle in which both demineralized and non-demineralized bone particles are suspended. A difficulty when using blood as a carrier of allograft bone particles is the inconvenience of mixing the same with bone particles at the operative site and producing a composition of desired consistency even if blood is anticoagulated. For example, blood contains about 40% to 50% of red blood cell mass, which produces a hematoma. Because the hematoma is not resorbed for several weeks, it can serve as a site for harboring infection. The Bone Putty and Gel System can prevent this problem from happening, saving thousands of patients from serious infection.


When the putty is not in use, it can be preserved by drying. To reuse, just add a soluble solution, like water or saline, until it reaches desired consistency. The Bone Putty and Gel System is the solution to current problems in the bone grafting industry.




Special features

  • Made from bone particles
  • Consistency can be adjusted to a putty, gel, or paste
  • Prepared mixture can be preserved for later use
  • Easy to apply
  • Can also be used to make a collagen-bone mixture





In one aspect, a bone particle composition in a carrier may comprise a plurality of bone particles and a carrier. The bone particles may comprise demineralized or partially demineralized bone particles or both. The carrier may comprise bone collagen extracted from the bone particles, wherein the bone particles are retained or suspended in the carrier. The bone composition may be freeze-dried, hypothermically dehydrated, chemical dehydrated, or desiccated. The bone particles may be between approximately 10 microns and approximately 900 microns. The bone particles may comprise bone fluff with particle sizes ranging from approximately 100 microns to approximately 3000 microns in length and approximately 40 microns to approximately 60 microns in width.

In various embodiments, the bone particle composition may be between approximately 3% to approximately 50% by weight bone. The bone particles may be from a single donor. The weight ratio of collagen to bone particles in the composition may be between approximately 6:10 to approximately 7:10. In one embodiment, the bone particles comprise bone selected from the group consisting of allogeneic bone, xenogeneic bone, and combinations thereof. In one example, the bone particles comprise AAA bone.

In another aspect, a method of making a collagen-bone mixture may comprise contacting bone particles with an aqueous medium, wherein the bone particles comprise dried bone that has been demineralized, partially demineralized, or a combination thereof. The method may further comprise extracting bone collagen from the bone particles to form an extraction mixture of the bone particles and bone collagen. The extracting may comprise exposing the bone particles contacted with the aqueous medium to an elevated temperature and high-pressure treatment sufficient to extract the bone collagen from the bone particles. The method may further comprise cooling the mixture of bone particles and bone collagen.

Materials needed to produce the Bone Putty and Gel System:

  • Application Unit
  • Bone Particles
  • Aqueous Medium






The Bone Putty and Gel System is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,549,011





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