Roman Strong Box™



The Roman Strong Box™ is a locking box that is placed outside to receive packages and keep them safe until the owner gets home. Inside the box is a large net, attached to the bottom, that can accommodate larger parcels.

The Roman Strong Box™ has a hinged lid that locks automatically when it is closed, a programmable keypad, a waterproof interior, and an electronic communication system that sounds an alarm, notifies the owner, records anyone that is tampering with the box, and engages the home security system. These safeguards ensure that anyone trying to steal the package will be deterred.




Special features

  • Prevents package theft
  • Protects delivered packages from weather
  • Unlock or lock securely by phone
  • Opens with coded keypad
  • Strong mesh bag attached inside for large parcels
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Shock sensors communicate with home security system
  • Alarm sounds when unauthorized movement occurs
  • Wireless communication system enabled when box is locked
  • Must have correct code to open box
  • Box securely attaches to wall or floor




The Roman Strong Box™ is a locking container for receiving parcels. It is attachable to a wall or floor, uses an electronic communication system for alarms and notifications, is waterproof inside, and contains an attached bag that can be unfolded to hold larger parcels. The box can be manufactured in different sizes. The lock engages automatically when the lid is closed, and only a correct code entered into the keypad releases the lock. A delivery company can be given special instructions (code for box) when delivery is expected.

There are approximately 78 million packages delivered daily through the post office and delivery companies (Amazon, FedEx, UPS). More people are shopping online that ever before. Package theft is becoming prevalent in all neighborhoods all across the nation, and it is estimated that approximately 1.7 million packages get stolen each year. People are looking for ways to protect the items they purchase in case they cannot be home when deliveries arrive.

This box could be utilized by aging Americans (Baby Boomers) who get medicine delivered to their doorstep. Meds are heavily regulated and replacing stolen medicines is extremely difficult (to prevent patients from over-medicating). Using this new box will give the customer, doctor and delivery service assurance that the package was successfully delivered and received. The Roman Strong Box™ is a good solution for reducing package theft. When an unauthorized person tries to open the box, warnings are sounded immediately, the home security system becomes active and notifications are sent out to owners and local authorities. Any product designed to deter theft will be welcomed.

Materials needed to produce the Roman Strong Box™:

  • Box
    • Sturdy material
    • Bag attachment in bottom
    • Waterproof inside
  • Hinged lid
    • Coded keypad
    • Locking mechanism
  • Mesh bag
    • Large size
    • Sturdy material
  • Sensors
  • Electronic communication system
  • Attaching hardware




The Roman Strong Box™ is covered by United States Utility Patent:  10,131,478






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