Walker Lift Assist Seat™



. The Walker Lift Assist Seat™ is a uniquely designed lift seat that easily snaps onto a basic rollator, providing its user with a lift that helps them when sitting down and when standing up. It lifts approximately 70% of the user’s weight.

The Walker Lift Assist Seat™ is fast and simple to install and easy to use. You start with the basic rollator without a seat. The Walker Lift Assist Seat™, with its specialty, patented design, easily snaps onto the rollator.


The user simply applies the brakes, holds onto the handles and backs up to the seat.  As weight is put onto the seat, it   slowly lowers the user to a sitting position.

Because the brakes are already in the locked position, when the user is ready to stand they simply hold onto the handles and begin to lift up to stand. The Walker Lift Assist Seat™ slowly helps them rise to a standing position.



Special features

  • Lifts approximately 70% of user’s weight
  • Self-powered – No batteries
  • Portable
  • Helps keep seniors independent longer
  • Encourages use of rollator
  • Simple to install, just snaps in to place
  • May be selectively utilized on both rollators and on existing seating devices, such as on furniture
  • Seat may be repositionable between an activated position and a storage position



Materials needed to produce the Walker Lift Assist Seat™:

  • Base
    • Injection molded polymer
    • Engagement portion
    • Slots
    • Surface texture of ridges
    • Seat
      • Cushion
    • Lifting mechanism
      • Hydraulics
      • Gas spring
    • Attachment mechanisms
      • Removable clip mechanisms
      • Pair of finger portions
      • Nut portion
      • Mount
      • Tab
        • Outwardly biased
        • Lip



The Walker Lift Assist Seat™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,907,723 













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