Belt Mounted Folding Tape Holder



HoldMyTape is a new painter’s tool and a very smart way to keep track of expensive masking tape and clean-up rags.  It can be worn throughout the entire painting process. During the masking off and prep portion of a job, a roll of masking tape is put on the HoldMyTape and when the painting begins a wet clean-up rag is placed on the HoldMyTape, ready for a quick clean-up of drips and spills.

Painters will no longer experience the frustration and aggravation of losing these two important supplies. Time is no longer wasted and productivity, efficiency and organization are all improved.

Instead of trying to hold onto masking tape and clean-up rags while going up and down ladders, painters using a HoldMyTape can safely and securely hold onto the rails of the ladder, decreasing the odds of a catastrophic fall.

A painter’s energy is conserved because they don’t have to go down and then back up the ladder after realizing they’ve forgotten to bring supplies onto the roof or scaffolding with them.




Special features

  • Solves the problem of misplacing and losing masking tape and clean-up rags
  • Very easy to use – clips on belt or waistband
  • Saves time because painters are more organized with their masking tape and clean-up rags because they are always close at hand and ready to use.
  • Painters can go up and down ladders with more confidence because both hands are free to grip the ladder
  • Performs double duty as a masking tape and rag holder
  • Minimizes potential for severe disabling or life-threatening injuries
  • Folds up and becomes compact when not in use
  • Very affordable, durable and functional
  • It’s a completely new idea
  • Made in America




Materials needed to produce the HoldMyTape:

  • 3 piece injection molded ABS plastic
  • 2 pins
  • 1 torsion spring


A working prototype of the HoldMyTape can be made available to demonstrate the design and functionality of the product.



The HoldMyTape is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,640,320




For additional information, licensing opportunities, and a full prospectus on the HoldMyTape  contact:




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