Stemware Spacer™




The Stemware Spacer™ is a foam cylinder that fits around the stem of a glass. The stemmed glass can be inserted into a standard cupholder and will not tip. This prevents spills and possible breakage of the glass from falling over in the cupholder

Wine drinkers will appreciate the convenience of using cupholders for wine glasses while riding on a boat, camping, watching a movie in a home theater, and other leisure activities. The Stemware Spacer™ is a great way to use the correct drinking vessel for wine instead of using a cup that fits in a cupholder.




Special features

  • Foam disc fits over stem of wine glass
  • Prevents tilting inside a cupholder
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Floats
  • Inexpensive to manufacture
  • Great promotional item




The Stemware Spacer™ is a foam cylinder that fits around the stem of a wine glass so that a standard cupholder can be used to hold the drink. This device prevents the glass from tipping over inside the cupholder, preventing spills and possible breakage.

The Stemware Spacer™ has a hole drilled through the center for holding a glass stem, has a slit that opens for insertion of the stem and closes around it, and fills the space of a cupholder to hold the glass upright.

This product is ideal for wine drinkers who go boating and camping, or attend deck parties and other activities and events where cupholders are available.

The Stemware Spacer™ is also a great promotional product for wineries, wine retailers, food festivals, weddings, and many other special events.

Materials needed to produce the Stemware Spacer™

  • Soft cylinder
    • Foam or soft rubber
    • Drilled
    • Slit
    • 5” h x 3” diameter




The Stemware Spacer™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,706,864
















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