Feminine Hygiene Product



The Feminine Hygiene Product is a newly-designed product that is made of absorbent strips and allows the user to attain a higher level of vaginal cleanliness. The product is easy to use, does not disturb the natural vaginal microflora, and is inserted through a spring-loaded applicator. The bottom cap is twisted, the spring-loaded, telescoping cylinder pushes the device through the petals at the other end of the applicator, and the device is correctly placed to absorb vaginal fluids.








Special features

  • Innovative design for better performance
  • Improved design for better absorbency
  • Does not disturb natural microflora
  • Discreet product for all users
  • Easy to use for girls and women
  • Inexpensive hygiene product
  • Disposable for convenience








The Feminine Hygiene Product is a disposable device comprising an elongated, hollow tube formed of a lower section telescopically received within an upper section. The top end of the upper section includes a plurality of frangible leaves that immediately separate upon impact. Within the tube interior is a telescoping shaft, having a lower end attached to a knob that, when rotated, releases a spring-based cylinder to thrust a plurality of absorbent strips through the frangible leaves.

The strips absorb all fluid within the vagina, without disturbing the natural microflora, resulting in a clean and healthy vagina. The applicator design is simple to operate, and can be used by women and girls for menstruation, infections, and other afflictions that produce vaginal fluids that need to be removed.

The Feminine Hygiene Product will be sold in boxes of twelve for convenience, and each device is wrapped and portable for discreet use. The small device can be tucked into a purse or backpack, and is available for immediate use whenever or wherever it is needed.



Materials needed to produce the Feminine Hygiene Product:

  • Applicator tube
    • Inner portion
    • Outer portion
  • Telescoping shaft
    • Spring loaded
  • Frangible leaves
  • Bottom cap
    • Spring
  • Plastic wrapper


The Feminine Hygiene Product is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,342,712





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