The SwingStow®, an organizational and storage system, is a compact, high capacity storage unit with 3, 4 or 6 modules that are hinged and fold into a small space. Each module has adjustable shelves, and the backs are made of pegboard or a slotted board to accommodate hanging items. The patented “floating hinges” allow easy movement of each individual storage module.

The storage modules have a weight capacity of up to 1,000 pounds each, and can be configured in multiple ways. The SwingStow® system is a great way to organize multiple items, is constructed of any material in 4’x8’ sheets, can be used in homes, businesses, industrial buildings and any other area where storage space is limited.



Special features

  • Easy operation and access to everything
  • Compact storage solution
  • High capacity storage
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Pegboard or slot board back for hanging items
  • Inside compartments for extra storage
  • Space available on top for large items
  • Easy to move shelving modules
  • Multiple configurations
  • 3, 4, or 6 module units
  • Wall or corner units





SwingStow® organizational units are a set of multiple storage boxes modules that can be folded together into a small space. The units can contain 3, 4, or 6 shelving modules that have adjustable shelving and pegboard or slot board backs. Each unit has a pair of stationary shelving modules with several additional modules which have a “SWING ACTION” that allows you to move them back and forth, like turning pages in a book. See demonstration videos at www.swingstow.com

SwingStow® comes in dozens of configurations, wall and corner units, that can increase the usefulness of any storage space within a home or business, without changing the available space area. Design can be incorporated into a “footprint” ranging from 4’x2’ to 12’x8’. This storage unit can potentially double to quadruple the amount of storage capacity within the same amount of space. They are extremely efficient  for organizing anything that is placed on a shelf or hung up.

SwingStow® has a unique design that combines the usefulness of adjustable shelves with the ability to also hang items on hooks. This system is great for organizing just about any item in your garage, pantry, workshop, closet or stock room. This system would also be great for schools, child care facilities, hospitals, military installations, warehouses, tiny house builders, and more.

The sturdy design and construction of the multiple SwingStow® systems provide a load capacity of up to 1,000 pounds for each shelving module. For our largest unit, that’s a load capacity of 7,000 pounds. SwingStow® uses a special, patented floating hinge to allow the unit to remain balanced in spite of weight or the unlevel contour of the floors. The SwingStow® hinges also make it easy to move each individual shelving module with just one hand.

Materials needed to produce the SwingStow®:

  • Storage box
    • Any 4’ x 8’ sheet material
    • Pinhole drilled
    • Multiple sizes
  • Pegboard
  • Floating hinges
    • Patented
  • Casters
  • Handles




The  SwingStow® is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,445,667

















The  SwingStow® is covered by United States Utility Patent:  9,451,823
















The  SwingStow® is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,677,307
















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