Dual Fannie Pack™




The Dual Fannie Pack™ is a personal carrying system that has two clear pouches and multiple pockets for carrying an assortment of things. One pack contains a charging port that is powered by a small solar panel, both packs are waterproof, and the adjustable waistband makes it comfortable to wear.

The clear pouches make this an item that can easily be worn to sporting events, concerts, fairs and festivals, and anywhere a check-in line requires inspection of items brought into the venue. It is a convenient, multi-purpose pack that provides more room to carry necessary things, and will be appreciated by everyone who uses it.



Special features

  • Handy access to personal items
  • Holds phone, ID, money, etc.
  • Holds small tools, pens, flashlights
  • Clear visibility
  • USB port availability
  • Solar power source
  • Great for work, sports, vacations
  • Holds multiple personal items
  • Waterproof pouches
  • Great for chick-ins at sporting events, airports, etc.
  • Adjustable waistband




The Dual Fannie Pack™ is a personal carrying system that holds personal items. There are two clear pouches attached to the adjustable belt, each with multiple pockets inside for sorting and organizing. One pouch contains a solar panel that provides power to a charging portal for charging a small mobile device (phone or music player) while the user is out and about.

 Clear pouches are required for carrying item into a multitude of venues, and checking in at airports is much easier. Multiple items can be carried, and by having two pouches, the weight is distributed evenly and will not cause imbalance while walking, running or biking.

Watersports can be enjoyed while wearing a Dual Fannie Pack™ because the pouches are waterproof and protect the items inside from getting wet. This is perfect when going to the beach or to a lake, or when rain begins while being outside.

The Dual Fannie Pack™ is a versatile product that can be used by everyone, and millions of users will prefer its convenience and utility over a large, bulky fanny pack.

Materials needed to produce the Dual Fannie Pack™:

  • Adjustable waist band
    • Buckle or Clasp
    • Waterproof pouch (2)
      • Pockets
    • Small solar panel
    • Charging port(s)



The Dual Fannie Pack™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,278,482










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