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Some picture frames, paintings, and wall hangings have holes or different ways to hang them already drilled into them. Since the pre-drilled holes are on the side of the frame that will be mounted to the wall, it is hard to hang the frame with the pre-drilled holes on the wall because it is hard to see both the frame mounting device and the pre-drilled holes at the same time. This makes it hard to hang the frame straight on the wall and makes it hard to hang the frame more than once. These failed attempts leave holes in the wall that nobody wants Pictures Perfect™ is an inexpensive and simple to use tool that allows one person to hang pictures, paintings, frames, and other things on the wall quickly and accurately.






Special features

  • Ease of Use
  • Lightweight
  • Ability To Hang Heavier Pictures
  • No Unnecessary Nail Holes in Walls
  • Only one person needed




Pictures Perfect ™  consists of a ruler, a leveling device attached to the ruler, and several pins. Only one person is required to hang level pictures, paintings, frames, and other wall-hanging objects.

The ruler is made of a rigid material with several holes in which the pins are inserted. The ruler is either fixed in length or has a telescopic design. The holes formed in the ruler are spaced apart, and the spacing can be uniform or variable.

The leveling device is a bubble leveler with three bubble levels, one horizontally positioned, another vertically arranged, and the third with an angle relative to the horizontally positioned bubble level. A threaded pointed screw with a knob attached to one end of the screw is among the pins.


Materials needed to produce the Pictures Perfect™:

  • 1 Ruler – Various Lengths, Fixed or Telescoping
  • Level Device and Indicator – with 3-way leveling
  • Pins
  • Attachment Hardware





The Pictures Perfect ™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,255,651



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