Compost Insertion Apparatus™



The Compost Insertion Apparatus is a tractor attachment that injects composting materials (sludge, bio-solids and manures) into the ground at a level where plant roots can benefit from the nutrients. This eliminates top-soil run-off, loss of fertilizers from wind and rain, and protects the environment from adverse effects of chemicals and odorous compounds.




Special features

  • Proper sub-soil placement of phosphates, nitrogen and other nutrients                                       
  • Increases organic matter in the sub-surface soil
  • Reduces the use of commercial fertilizers
  • Reduces or eliminates noxious odors of biosolids and manures
  • Reduces Health concerns of public and health officials
  • Eco-friendly method of fertilizing crops
  • Eliminates dangerous run-off into waterways and wells
  • Reduces tillage
  • Lowers compaction issues
  • Reduces landfill concerns
  • Increases crop yields
  • Reduces time, labor and costs, and increases revenues, for custom applicators, municipalities, feed yards and large farm operations




The Compost Insertion Apparatus is a tractor accessory for incorporating manure and other materials into soil for increasing crop yields. The bin is filled with biosolids containing phosphates, nitrogen and other nutrients. The apparatus inserts the nutrient-rich biosolids (or manures) into the sub-soil, within reach of plant roots. As the tractor pulls the attachment over the tilled soil, nutrients are placed in the rows, not on top.

Augers are attached to the front of the bin, and use flared shanks to open the soil. The front shanks till the soil at a proper depth for insertion, nutrients are placed in the root zone of the crops, and the rear blades cover the tilled area as the bin passes over. The biosolids are not left on top of the soil, preventing loss from wind or rain, and preventing runoff into streams and wells.

The nutrients are absorbed by the plant roots, creating healthy plants and providing the farmer with better crop yields. This process saves time, labor and money for the farmer, is eco-friendly, is a great product for all farm crops, and will increase revenue for custom applicators and municipalities.

Municipalities normally hire custom applicators to haul and spread the sewage sludge produced by waste water treatment plants. Current applications only place sludge on top of the soil. By using the Compost Insertion Apparatus, the sludge is placed in the root zone of plants and crops in a no-till fusion. This eliminates the extra work of trying to incorporate the materials and encourages higher bids for the custom application service that incorporates this new system.


Materials needed to produce the Compost Insertion Apparatus:

  • Bin
    • Coated
  • Augers
    • Front 
  • Flared shanks
    • Hydraulic or PTO systems
  • Adjustable row spacing
  • Catwalk or hinged ladder
  • Camera
    • Electronic system
  • Axles (2-3)
    • Track system



The Compost Insertion Apparatus is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,098,274




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