Meloche Charger™


The Meloche Charger™ is a wristband that charges a battery while being worn. It uses multiple solid-state generators that react to muscle and joint movements to generate a small amount of power that continually charges the battery.

The technology of the Meloche Charger™ could be implemented into watches, fitness monitors, lifestyle monitors and so much more. The wristband does not need to be removed for charging, so wearing time is increased, making products more useful for longer periods of time.





Special features

  • Charges during use
  • No need to remove for charging
  • Multiple power generators
  • Wrist movement generates power
  • Continually charging on-board battery
  • Economical product
  • Convenient
  • Needs no extra equipment for charging




The Meloche Charger™ is a wristband that charges a battery while being worn. Power is generated through hand and joint movement, and is captured in the on-board battery. This technology will be used to make fitness monitors, health monitors watches, and other devices worn on the wrist, self-charging without being removed from the user.

No additional equipment is needed for charging, monitoring is improved, and the device works for longer periods of time without interruption. This could be critical for users who require constant monitoring for heart activity, breathing, pulse, and other health conditions while traveling, running errands, or performing other activities away from home.

The Meloche Charger™ would also be used to create more extensive monitoring and health checks, such as exercise requirements and reminders, medication usage, appointments, and much more. The Meloche Charger™ performs without stopping to charge the device, which makes users more independent and confident. The Meloche Charger™ technology can also be applied to current products for more convenient use and improved performance.

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Materials needed to produce the Meloche Charger™:

  • Wristband
  • Display screen
  • Battery
  • Power generators
  • Microprocessor
  • Biometric sensors
  • Connection wiring



The  Meloche Charger™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,056,850















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