Easy Draw™




The Easy Draw™ is a special holder for a medicine vial and a syringe. The vial is placed in one end of the holder, the syringe slides into a channel, a slot at the end of the holder catches the “wings” of the syringe, and the needle is pressed into the very tip of the vial. This enables all of the medication to be used in the vial, without wasting a single drop.

The easy draw enables a user who has trouble with loading the syringe, while holding both items, to easily accomplish this task. By placing the vial in a holder, and using the channel block to withdraw the liquid, there is no danger of dropping the medication while trying to use it. An insert is included to accommodate small vials. Many people with arthritic hands, or difficulty holding items, can use this product with ease.



Special features

  • Holds vial securely while extracting medication
  • Holds and guides syringe into proper position
  • Guides syringe needle into vial just through the cover
  • All medication can be extracted with no waste
  • Can extract medication without holding the vial and syringe in one hand
  • Great for patients who administer self-injections
  • Great for parents and caregivers
  • Great for owners of pets who administer injections
  • Can be placed on a counter or table for easy insertion
  • Necessary aid for people with difficulty using their hands
  • Low cost to manufacture
  • Simple design is easy to use



The Easy Draw™ is a holder for a vial of medicine and a syringe. The block is a portable device that is simple to use. It has a cavity to place and hold a vial with the help of a rubber band, and a channel to place and align a syringe to the vial. Perhaps the best feature is the semi-circle groove for the “wings” of the syringe. Having the wings inside this groove holds the tip of the needle just inside the vial. This allows the user to draw nearly all of the medicine from the vial, which saves money by replacing the vial less often.  It also prevents the needle from slipping out while filling, causing an accidental stick.

The syringe/wings slot is semi-circle shaped, allowing for rotation of the entire syringe 360 degrees to position for easy viewing of the measurement lines. A hole through the back of the vial cavity can be used to push out the vial (or the insert) when empty. The hole also serves as a place point for a wire in the dishwasher rack for easy cleaning.

The Easy Draw™ is first placed on a table or counter for loading. After securing the vial with a rubber band, and turning the syringe for good visibility, the block can be lifted to fill. Hold the block in one hand, securing the syringe with a thumb, and the other hand is used to pull the plunger to draw the medication.

 The holder is made of molded plastic or other rigid material, comes with an insert to hold a smaller vial, and can be used by anyone who gives injections. Is a great aid for people who have difficulty using their hands. Many times, diabetic patients have other symptoms or health problems, and giving themselves injections is not an easy task. The Easy Draw™ is a simple way to load a syringe, allows the syringe to be turned for better visibility of the amount of medication loaded, and provides a helping hand when needed.

Materials needed to produce the Easy Draw™:

  • Plastic or other rigid material
    • Injection molded
  • Channel for syringe insertion
  • Empty space for holding vial
  • Vial holder insert
  • Hole in vial space for pushing out large vial



The Easy Draw™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,350,141














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