The SMAART Pad™ is a pad that contains sensors. These sensors monitor pressure points of a patient’s body, keeps track of the length of time a patient’s body has been in the same position, and displays the different pressure levels in color. This alerts a caregiver to the parts of the body that need to be moved to prevent tissue damage, such as decubitus ulcers (bedsores).

The SMAART Pad™ can be placed on a bed or in a chair to assist caregivers with patients who have limited mobility. The pad can be used in hospitals, nursing homes and private homes where long-term care is required. Patients who suffer from spinal cord injuries, diabetes, terminal illnesses and other low-mobility afflictions can be treated efficiently to prevent bedsores and other tissue infirmities.





Special features

  • Monitors a patient’s pressure points
  • Shows intensity with a color range PSI chart
  • Helps prevent tissue damage and decubitus ulcers
  • Uses piezoelectric pressure sensors
  • Can be used for patients of all ages
  • Can be used in an infant crib, on a bed, or on a chair
  • Improves care for patients with limited mobility
  • Portable



The SMAART Pad™ is a mat that contains pressure sensors. This mat can be placed in a bed or chair, and monitors pressure points of a patient’s body. By reading the data, caregivers can adjust or move the patient’s body parts that are showing high intensity levels. This can prevent sores or other tissue damage.

The monitoring software (or app) can be programmed to alert caregivers to dangerous pressure levels that require movement of the patient. Patients that would benefit from this type of system include:

Newborns and infants who need to be moved frequently to avoid head deformities

Babies with poor mobility in their head and neck areas

Patients with spinal cord injuries

People with reduced sensitivity, such as diabetic neuropathy

Nursing home patients with reduced mobility or bed confinement

Home health care patients

By using the SMAART Pad™, caregivers and patients will benefit, and health care can be improved. Communication with the caregivers is a great tool for improving patient care. The programmable software is versatile and can help caregivers prevent pressure sores, improve care, and, in some cases, prevent death.



By using the SMAART Pad™, the following results can be achieved:

  1. Improve healing of pressure ulcers at any stage
  2. Contain medical costs due to complications of pressure ulcers
  3. Increase the quality of life for patients with poor mobility or sensory loss
  4. Improve quality of life for diabetic patients
  5. Improve the care of bed-bound patients
  6. Improve the care of wheelchair patients
  7. Consistent monitoring of patients at risk for pressure ulcers
  8. Improve mortality rates for infants, babies and children with mobility issues
  9. Improve mortality rates for deaths resulting from pressure ulcers


Materials needed to produce the SMAART Pad™:

  • Mat or Pad
    • Multiple sizes
    • Sensors
  • Software or App
    • Programmable
    • Recordable
    • Data storage
    • Monitor
  • Notification System


The SMAART Pad™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 8,477,036














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