E-Z Glide Grill



The E-Z Glide Grill™ is a grill that is configured with one or two sliding racks inside the cooking chamber. The racks slide out during cooking for safe access to the food, seal the heat inside the chamber, and slide back inside to resume cooking. Since the dome does not need to be lifted during the cooking process, the temperature of the grill stays constant and the user’s face is protected from a heat blast.

The two-part grill racks seal individually, so multiple cooking temperatures may be used. A separate thermometer is used for each side. No special long-handled tools are necessary, and the user’s hands stay safe while checking, seasoning and moving food. The patented rack-and-carriage system protects the user from heat and burns, and makes grilling a better experience for everyone.




Special features

  • Dome remains closed and can warm a serving tray while cooking
  • Constant temperature is maintained
  • No heat loss by raising dome
  • No heat blasted to user’s face when checking food
  • Grill racks slide out, leaving dome closed
  • Sealing panels on racks keep heat inside grill dome
  • Long handled tools not required
  • Safe access to food for turning, basting, and seasoning
  • Flame-ups easily controlled
  • 1 sliding grill rack and carriage slides out of dome on one side
  • 2-part sliding grill racks and carriage slide out of dome on both sides
  • 2-part grill seals racks individually inside dome
  • 2-part grill racks allow cooking at different temperatures
  • Aluminum drip trays are disposable or can be cleaned for reuse




The E-Z Glide Grill™ is a rack and carriage system for a grill. The cooking assembly is configured to slidealong a track system positioned inside and extending out from the heating chamber. An end plate is attached to both ends of the rack assembly, sealing the chamber while the racks are in the cooking chamber or positioned on the outside. This negates the dome from being lifted, which may cause heat fluctuations. The closed dome also prevents possible injuries caused from having to reach inside the cooking chamber or being blasted with heat when the dome is opened.

The rack system may be one large rack that fills the heating chamber or two smaller racks that divide the cooking chamber in half. Both assemblies have sealing plates at both ends of each rack. This prevents heat from escaping the chamber whether one or both racks are on the outside, keeping the inside temperature consistent. Each rack system may have multiple shelves, and can be configured to fit most grills. The sealing panels allow for different cooking temperatures when using a two-part rack system.

The E-Z Glide Grill™ is safe to use. No long-handled tools are needed. A user does not have to risk getting burned by reaching inside the grill to add or remove food, adjust the food position or turn food for even grilling. This can all be done when the sliding racks are positioned outside the cooking chamber. The drip trays prevent food items lost by falling into the heat source. Also, there is no danger of a heat blast hitting a user’s face from an opened dome while the grill is hot.

Materials needed to produce the E-Z Glide Grill™:

  • Basic grill
    • Multiple burners
    • Domed lid, flat on top
    • Opens by lifting up in front
    • Thermometer
    • Racks
    • Side support extended trays
    • Propane gas assembly
    • Lower support/storage tray
  • Modified grill
    • One or two-part grill racks
    • Sealing panel at both ends
    • Handles
    • Two thermometers
    • Track system with wheels
    • Aluminum drip trays


The E-Z Glide Grill™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,010,217












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