Survival Buckle™


The Survival Buckle™ contains all the supplies needed to make a fire in any emergency situation. The buckle contains an assortment of tools that can be used for making a fire in any environmental condition.

This patented-design buckle is made from high carbon steel and works with any belt. The accessories in the buckle can be used alone or with other available objects to create a fire when the user needs it. In an emergency situation, having a fire could save a life.



Special features

  • Belt buckle works with any belt
  • High carbon steel
  • Made thin for comfort
  • Contains tools to make fire
  • Contains ferrocerium rod
  • Multiple striking points
  • Creates sparks when struck against flint, chert rock, or quartz
  • Accessories can be used with a knife, hard stone, other metal
  • Magnesium bar produces small shavings
  • Glass magnifying lens contained in buckle body
  • Divots on back to accommodate bow drill
  • Waterproof
  • Produces fire in adverse conditions
  • Great emergency tool for hikers, climbers, campers, etc




The Survival Buckle™ is a working belt buckle that can be attached to any belt and worn around the waist. It is slim, made of high carbon steel and is very comfortable to wear. The buckle contains tools that enable the user to create a fire under different environmental conditions.

The Survival Buckle™ has a rigid body that includes several striking points. These can be struck with matches, flint, chert rock, or quartz to produce sparks that ignite dry tinder or other combustible material. One edge of the buckle contains a ferrocerium rod that can be struck against the buckle, a knife, or stone to produce sparks. Another edge of the buckle contains a magnesium bar, whose shavings can be ignited. Divots on the back of the buckle can be used with a bow drill, and a glass magnifying lens is also included for using sun rays to ignite tinder.

Many conditions exist that make creating a fire difficult, but with the Survival Buckle™, a fire may be produced in almost any situation. This is a great convenience for hunters, fishermen, campers, hikers and cyclers who experience emergencies or other situations requiring a fire while in the great outdoors.

Materials needed to produce the Survival Buckle™:

  • Buckle body
    • High carbon steel
    • Multiple striking points
    • Glass magnifying lens
    • Divots on back
  • Ferrocerium rod
  • Magnesium bar
  • Waterproof



The Survival Buckle™ is covered by United States Utility Patent:10,104,942















The Survival Buckle™ is covered by United States Design Patent No. 826,083

















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