Who’s on the Lord’s Side? Display Sign




The Who’s on the Lord’s Side? Display Sign is a rotatable message board that is placed behind the back seat in the rear window of a car, and does not obstruct the driver’s view.

The display is attached firmly on the deck behind the rear seat, and the lighting and the rotation are controlled by the driver with a remote. The uplifting messages are attached to the sides of a light box, illuminated for easy reading, rotatable for displaying different messages, and easily seen from outside the car.




Special features

  • Displays uplifting messages
  • Light box holds four different messages
  • Illuminated for easy viewing
  • Display illuminated manually or by remote
  • Display can be illuminated by applying brakes
  • Messages changed by rotating light box
  • Controlled manually or by remote
  • Driver changes messages when desired
  • Display attached to rear deck of car
  • Display easily seen through rear window
  • Easy to read day or night



The Who’s on the Lord’s Side? Display Sign is a religious message display system for displaying various illuminated and uplifting religious messages through a rear window of a vehicle. It contains four different messages, is illuminated, and is attached to the rear deck of a car.

The light box contains the messages, a lighting source and is rotated manually or remote. The lighting is activated by remote also, or can be connected to the brake lights for instant illumination. This lighted display can easily be seen at night through the rear window.

The remote is stored on the dash, where the driver can safely reach it and change the display as desired. The uplifting, religious messages are changed by rotating the light box, either manually or by remote, and are easily seen and read by drivers and pedestrians that are behind the car.


Materials needed to produce the Who’s on the Lord’s Side? Display Sign:

  • Display housing
  • Light box
  • Messages
  • Pulley assembly
  • Axle
  • Light source
  • Power source


The Who’s on the Lord’s Side? Display Signis covered by United States Utility Patent:  10,102,781







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