The Wristee Rally Flag™ is a new and improved flag/team wave system that involves no sticks, poles or rods. This unique flag conveniently straps to the wrists, allowing user to wave flags hands-free. The Wristee Rally Flag™ is perfect for any sports team, political parties, parades and festivals.



Special features

  • No sticks, poles, clamps or rods
  • Can pass through any security check point (airport or arena)
  • Perfect for any sports team, political parties, parades and festivals
  • May be used as a promotional item for professional sports team fans
  • Can be designed in any color or team logos from child’s sports teams to pro teams
  • Any image can be put on a flag, with a digital picture (people, slogans, teams, countries, etc.)
  • Straps to wrists allow user to wave flag hands-free
  • Convenient
  • Durable construction
  • Easily attached to a golf cart to display a message from the a cart
  • May be sold as a fundraiser or promotional item
  • Flag may be produced in a variety of sizes to fit the occasion
  • Available in adult and child sizes





Materials needed to produce the Wristee Rally Flag™:

  • Flag
    • Polyester
  • Strap
    • Hook-and-Loop fastener
  • Reinforce strap
    • Grommet
    • Line of stitching
  • Indicia
    • Country
    • Team logo
    • Political entity, etc.
  • Dimensions:
    • Flag sizes –
      • 8” x 12”
      • 6” x 10”
      • 4” x 6”


The Wristee Rally Flag™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,646,520














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