The Twist-n-Spray™ is a bathtub sprayer that will fit over any size or shape faucet. The bladder closes and fits snugly, so it does not leak. The hose is attached at the base of the adapter cylinder. A sprayer or scrubber head may be attached to the end of the hose for easy cleaning.

The Twist-n-Spray™ is simple to attach and remove, is portable, and can be used in any bathroom. The sprayer can rinse the entire tub with ease, and make quick work of a tedious task. The master bath, with more water pressure and different style faucets, is a perfect place to use this assembly.

The Twist-n-Spray™ can also be used for assisting an elderly or disabled person in a tub, bathing children, washing hair in a sink, and bathing pets. The Twist-n-Spray™ is a versatile product that has multiple uses.




Special features

  • Easy to attach to faucet or spigot
  • Iris bladder seals tightly, no leaking
  • Fits any size or shape faucet
  • Bladder contained in a hollow cylinder
  • Another version is bladder only
  • Can be used in sinks and tubs
  • Comes with sprayer and scrubber heads
  • Can be used for bathing
  • Convenient cleaning tool for the master bath
  • Versatile product




The Twist-n-Spray™ is a hose attachment for a faucet. It will fit any size or style faucet in the kitchen, bath, or even outside spigots. A hollow cylinder contains an iris bladder that can be twisted closed for a tight seal. It fits securely, does not leak, and can be used on any faucet or spigot. The rotating assembly can be locked to prevent it from coming loose. A larger industrial version is the bladder (no outside cylinder) that will fit over any faucet and secured with a strap.


The Twist-n-Spray™ comes with interchangeable hose attachments, a sprayer and a scrubber. The scrubber is used for cleaning away soap scum and grime, and the sprayer rinses the mess away.  This assembly will reach all areas of the tub to ensure thorough cleaning. It is a versatile product that can be used for cleaning, but may also be used as a bathing tool. The Twist-n-Spray™ is a perfect cleaning tool for any home, is portable, lightweight, and easy to store.

The Twist-n-Spray™ can also be manufactured in a heavy-duty size and style for commercial use. This version would be the iris bladder with a cam, plus a securing strap. Hotels and restaurants have multiple cleaning areas that would require this product. Kitchen sinks hold huge pots and utensils that need to be scrubbed clean. Large showers and tubs in hotel rooms need extra-strength cleaning to assure customer comfort and satisfaction. With a cleaning hose, this task can be accomplished quickly, and the Twist-n-Spray™ can be taken from room to room with no hassle.

This versatile product will be a great cleaning tool for many diverse situations. It can be used in homes, nursing homes, daycare facilities, dog grooming shops, and other places where cleaning a tub, shower or sink is necessary. The Twist-n-Spray™ is a great option for everyone.

Materials needed to produce the Twist-n-Spray™:

Cylinder Version

  • Iris bladder
    • Hollow cylinder housing
  • Cam
  • Hose adapter
  • Hose attachment with long handle option
  • Sprayer attachment
  • Scrubber attachment


Bladder-only Version

  • Iris bladder
  • Cam




The Twist-n-Spray™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,803,343














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