AUTOLYNX Airbag Tracker™



The AUTOLYNX Airbag Tracker™ has the ability to literally track airbags from ‘cradle to grave’. With this unique service a customer can have instant access to the status of any airbag. They will be able to know immediately if an airbag is fraudulent, from a totaled vehicle, or has been destroyed. With the AUTOLYNX Airbag Tracker™, the airbag genealogy is at the customer’s finger tips.






Special features

  • A simple phone or laptop app will provide genealogy airbag data
  • Less airbags will end up in landfills
  • Liability will be greatly reduced
  • Automotive manufacturer can simply scan barcode, no manual input is required
  • System receives and updates status data associated with the airbag
  • Stores collected data on a parts database and receives updated airbag status data
  • Status of familiarly related airbags is updated automatically by the server
  • May provide the insurance provider with safeguards to protect the owner of the vehicle from potential harm due to inappropriately installed airbags
  • Provides a convenient way to check on which airbags have been replaced by a repairman in a shop
  • Alerts user when inputting information regarding an airbag that is defective, has been deployed, or recalled
  • Helps insurance companies to prevent fraud by monitoring what types of airbags are being replaced in a vehicle
  • The information retrieved provides the airbag manufacturer with information concerning the effectiveness of their airbags
  • Helps to prevent the sale of black-market airbags
  • It would be an incentive for the OEM to utilize the system in order to protect the OEM and its customers from any potential harm or litigation that might result from the use of the recalled airbags
  • Ease of record keeping for the OEM
  • Provides a greater amount of information regarding any vehicle and the airbags associated with those vehicles




The AUTOLYNX Airbag Tracker™ database, associated with the airbag, comprises the vehicle the airbag is installed in, the manufacturing date of the airbag, the barcode associated with the airbag, the serial number associated with the airbag, the manufacturer of the airbag, the manufacturing date of the airbag, the destruction date of the airbag, etc.

Materials needed to produce the AUTOLYNX Airbag Tracker™:

  • Server
  • Parts database
  • App
    • Computer readable storage unit
      • Computer usable program code
        • Collects data associated with a specific airbag
        • Stores collected data on parts database
        • Receives the updated airbag status data
        • Provides collected data and status data to user



The AUTOLYNX Airbag Tracker™ is covered by United States Utility Patent:  9,824,326 

















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