Canine Excrement Collection Assembly




It is poised to change the lives of dog owners drastically. One of the most gruesome chores of dog ownership and overall canine care is picking up their excrement. In many housing areas, apartments and even cities – dog owners must pick up after their furry friends.

Included in excrement from man’s best friend can be dangerous bacteria – some of which can be transferred to people. Handling it as less as possible makes for a much healthier situation.

The Canine Excrement Collection Assembly actually attaches to the body of a dog. It includes a harness that attaches to the collar on the dogs’ neck, stretches down the back of the dog and attaches to a second strap. The second strap has a panel that cradles under the tail and around the dogs’ hips. The panel on the second strap collects the dogs’ excrement.






Special features

  • This product actually straps to the body of the dog
  • The excrement is caught in a panel that fits under the tail
  • An oval shaped insert included onto the under-tail panel collects the excrement
  • Collecting the excrement is virtually hands free
  • A healthier atmosphere is fostered as dog owners care for their pets
  • No equipment to carry
  • The assembly can work without the straps, that is, with only the fetter and panel or bag
  • The panel can also be constructed in a bag form, a form more familiar to today’s consumers
  • The assembly with the fetter, straps, and panel or bag is simply the most secure condition for the product and pet
  • The panel or bag may have serrated areas to accommodate quick and efficient removal and disposal
  • The panel or bag is designed to be disposable after each use
  • The fetter, and possibly the straps, may also be constructed of disposable material
  • The panel or bag (and the harness/fetter where applicable) can be made of durable biodegradable material




The first strap – attached to the collar – receives the second strap through its loops on the back end of the dog. The second strap loops around the dogs’ body near the back legs and under the tail. The panel on the second strap is configured to collect feces expelled by the dog.




The Canine Excrement Collection Assembly  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,713,316






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