TwirlerZZZ™ are the very first hair curlers designed for overnight use. The unique patented design is easy and fun to use. All you need are six TwirlerZZZ™ and 10 minutes and you’ll be waking up with beautiful damage-free curls!


TwirlerZZZ™ come in many different fun colors and patterns, from rainbow tie dye to purple zebra. They can also be made in custom team colors for those who want beautiful curls for cheer or dance.

Aside from being easy to put in and a blast to wear, they are so awesome to sleep in. During product trials, 100% of users reported that they had no issues sleeping with TwirlerZZZ™ in their hair.




Step by step instructions


Step 1 – Lightly spray your hair with water or a spray product of your choice. Hair may also be towel dried. Wrap the sectioning tool around your hair and secure it by placing the ruffle elastic over the wooden ball. Be sure NOT to put your hair inside the loop. Wrap it around your hair like a bungee cord. This will allow you to detach the tool after you finish wrapping that section. See instructional video for further explanation of this.






Step 2 – Attach Twirler to wooden ball








Step 3 – Wrap your hair around the Twirler. Once you reach the bottom of your hair, fold the very end of your hair upward and begin wrapping the Twirler around your hair until you reach the top where the ball and loop are. Remember, on the way down, wrap your hair around the Twirler and on the way up, wrap the Twirler around your hair.








Step 4 – Once you reach the top, detach the circular loop from the wooden ball and insert the end of the Twirler into that loop and pull gently upward.








Step 5 – Detach the sectioning tool from your hair by pulling on the quick release loop that is opposite the wooden ball. Repeat steps 1 – 5 until you are done wrapping all sections of hair.










Step 6 – Next morning, unwrap your hair carefully. Do not pull out the Twirler as this could cause your hair to tangle. Simply unwrap slowly all the way to the bottom. Separate and loosen the curls with your fingers. Do not brush your hair out.









Patented Sectional Tool




Special features

  • The very first hair curlers specifically designed for overnight use
  • Easy and fun to use
  • No more curling iron burns on hair or skin
  • Totally comfortable to sleep in
  • Cool designs
  • Creates beautiful spiral curls, loose curls or smooth, bouncy waves
  • Machine washable
  • Available in a variety of colors and patterns
  • No bulk at the scalp
  • Very soft
  • May be self-applied – no help needed




Materials needed to produce the TwirlerZZZ™:

  • 6   Fleece TwirlerZZZ™
    • 100% Polyester
  • Sectional tool
  • Ring holder



The TwirlerZZZ™ is covered by United States Utility Patent:  9,936,784















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