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Baseball and softball are two very popular sports in the world and the United States with over 25 million players in the United States combined. Even though manufacturers are continuing to improve the designs of the baseball and softball bats and gloves made, there is very little being done as far as improving the shaping and breaking in process for the gloves. Most gloves require users to break in the glove to properly fit their hand. This can be an uncomfortable process that takes many hours to accomplish the task. The Nation Glove Shaper™ seeks to challenge the industry standards with its innovative design and usability.

The Nation Glove Shaper™ is a device used to shape and break in baseball and softball gloves. It is composed of five long, metal shaping members with rubber handles that can be easily bent and inserted into the glove. There are five shaping members to allow one to be positioned for each finger space inside the glove. The process to insert the members into the glove is quick and easy with no need for heat to bend the metal members to the desired custom shape. The player can also leave the product in the glove to continue the shaping process when not in use to speed up the time needed for the result of a well-shaped glove.



Special features

  • Shapes all glove fingers to any custom shape
  • Players can leave product in the glove when not in use to continue the shaping process
  • Able to use with a variety of gloves on the market
  • Minimizes potential damage to the glove
  • Quick and easy to use with no need for heat to bend
  • Cost efficient
  • Quick and simple manufacturing process
  • High quality, durable materials
  • Lightweight and compact design






The Nation Glove Shaper™ is perfect for any baseball and softball player to help them break in and shape their glove. It is made up of five long, 20 gauge stainless steel shaping members with rubber handles. The stainless steel material reduces rust and corrosion compared to other metals that could be used. These members will be provided as a set of 5 to allow users to have one member for each place their fingers will be positioned in the glove. Each member is 10 inches long, 1/2 inch wide, and 1/16 inch wide to allow users to easily insert them into gloves of all sizes. The members are lightweight with being less than one pound each. They are finished off with an all in one paint primer to provide the finesse to the product. They also have the ability to be held together by a clip or something similar for when they are not in use by the small hole in the end of each member in the rubber portion of the product.

The members are made of deformable material that is bendable along the full length to allow users to shape and twist them into any desired form for their glove without the need for heat to form them. The stainless steel holds its shape after bent and keeps it shape with the resistance brought upon by the glove in the shaping process to allow users to keep them inserted in the glove for days at a time when not in use. Each of the five members can be inserted into the glove where each finger of the user is positioned during use. Users are also able to form the members within and around the glove in any other way desired such as around the glove to help form the pocket in the center of the glove. This is part of the draw for the Nation Glove Shaper™ is because users can utilize it in the many traditional ways for shaping gloves such as creating a pocket in the glove along with the newer way of inserting one member into each place where the user’s fingers will be.

The Nation Glove Shaper™ really eases the process for shaping baseball and softball gloves along with the customizability of how to do so. It also greatly minimizes the potential damage induced by other methods by providing a device that can easily slip in and out of the glove with no tearing or breaking of the material. This is something players can buy once and use over the years as they grow out of or switch to different gloves in their time playing baseball or softball. The Nation Glove Shaper™ brings what has been needed for so many years in the market by providing an incredibly well rounded and useful product that all ages and gloves can utilize.

Materials needed to produce the Nation Glove Shaper™:

  • 20 gauge stainless steel
  • Rubber for handles
  • All in one paint primer
  • Tools to cut and sand metal



The Nation Glove Shaper™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,265,603




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