Nitz Current Power Indicator™




The Nitz Current Power Indicator™ visually provides an indication light on an electrical outlet when any power cord, which is plugged into the outlet, is drawing any amount of current above zero amps. A blue LED light will be activated when current is flowing, thereby alerting the user that the device is drawing power. Anytime the light is on, it will notify the user so they can take corrective action, if necessary, by unplugging the cord or by flipping a toggle switch, in a model equipped with it, that will deactivate the power.




Special features

  • May be utilized in both commercial and residential buildings
  • This would be viewed as very beneficial in the US government Energy Star program, or for obtaining Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification.
  • Additional options would include a visual digital readout that would state exactly how much current is flowing, or a toggle switch to shut power off to the outlet without having to remove the plug.
  • Could be included along with many different types of outlets that include USB ports, quad outlets, nightlights, toggle switches, and digital readouts. New construction projects would include choices for types of outlets depending upon the location and use.
  • Built-in LED indicator quickly shows when power is being wasted, costing money.
  • May be produced for dual and quad outlets
  • Could include a rocker-type toggle switch on the outlet in order to easily interrupt power flowing to the plug.
  • Can save money when used correctly.
  • Can show when power is flowing even when the device is off. Phantom power usage (devices that draw power even when turned off) costs significant amounts of money



Materials needed to produce the Nitz Current Power Indicator™:

  • Receptacle Housing
    • Duplex outlet or
    • Quad outlet
    • Electrical receptacles
      • Ungrounded connection
      • Neutral connection
      • Ground connection
  • Indicating mechanisms
      • Light-emitting diodes
  • Current sensors
    • Analog input converting modules
    • Voltage outputs
  • Toggle switch
    • On/Off position
  • Face plate

There are several different aspects to the Nitz Current Power Indicator™:

  • Basic outlet with LED light
  • Quad outlet with LED lights
  • Basic outlet with LED readout showing exact amount of current being drawn at any time
  • All the above with a toggle switch to turn the outlet on or off
  • Inclusion of USB ports or nightlights, creates the possibility of a new way to sell outlets



The Nitz Current Power Indicator™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 8,558,710












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