Smart Home Electrical System™






The Smart Home Electrical System™ is a circuit breaker box designed to be a smart box with a data connector. You could plug the data into a network and monitor the electrical system remotely. You could even put a control panel in the house that is wired directly to the breaker box, so you do not need a computer to access it. This panel could be powered directly from the box so if a breaker flipped, the panel would still be functional. There would also be a data connection directly from the panel to the box.

This circuit breaker box would work in conjunction with light switches, outlets, and junction boxes. These items would have chips built into them and would identify the piece of equipment such as a light switch and be able to tell the manufacturer and part number.

The box would receive the data from all the outlets, switches, and so forth through the electrical wiring. It would show when each device first came online (i.e., when it was installed). It would show which light switch is turned on or if something is plugged into an outlet and if that device is turned on. You could also shut down outlets that are not being used and turn them on only when needed. It would also be able to tell the distance between devices and what gauge of wire is being used. The panel would display each circuit from the circuit breaker through its route of outlets, switches, and such in a different color so it is easier to distinguish between different circuits.

The panel could also show the load on each circuit. This would help at certain times of the year, like Christmas, when a lot of lights are plugged in. Warnings would notify when a circuit is getting close to the maximum load. This would allow you to use different outlets when a circuit is close to maximum load.

There might be a way to allow you to reset a breaker without having to go to the circuit box.

In older homes, you could install the smart panel first and as you replace each outlet, light switch, etc., and it would then update in the smart panel. This would help with older homes and figuring out the wiring so you could rewire or add wiring as needed.

The Smart Home Electrical System™ is ideal for new homes, as well. This would give the homeowner a complete wiring schematic of the house. Then, years down the road, if they want or need to make changes, any electrician could come in and have that information.

If you had some of the chip-enabled switches or outlets installed but not the smart circuit breaker box, you could use a tool that plugs into an outlet to collect a mapping of what is installed.

Since this system monitors for circuit overloads and notifies the user of potential circuit overloads, the Smart Home Electrical System™ could potentially reduce the risk of electrical fires. This is a major safety feature and a great selling point.

The opportunities that come with the Smart Home Electrical System™ are endless!




Special features

  • Chip-enabled Outlets
  • Chip-enabled Switches
  • Control Panel for Circuit Breaker
  • Optional Monitor for Non-computer Monitored Circuit Breaker
  • Monitors for circuit overloads
  • Notifies users of potential circuit overloads
  • May reduce risk of fire due to circuit overloads



Materials needed to produce the Smart Home Electrical System™:

  • Chip-enabled Outlets
  • Chip-enabled Switches
  • Control Panel for Circuit Breaker
  • Monitors
  • Software





The Smart Home Electrical System™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,075,512





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