Mane Tectonics™


Hair loss, while not a life-threatening condition, can be a life-altering condition in terms of negative, social and psychological effects. Millions of people are affected. Some of those affected by hair loss treat it as an inevitable, untreatable result of an unfortunate genetic makeup and soldier on as if nothing can be done to prevent it or reverse it once it sets in. Current treatments are creams, sprays and pills. Surgical procedures, such as transplants, can be effective when performed skillfully, but anything short of that can result in a “doll head” complexion. In any event, surgical procedures are painful, expensive and time consuming. Two products approved by the FDA have shown some results (finasteride and minoxidil). However, these treatments do not work for all users, and the benefits wane if treatment is ceased. Thus, the need for an effective, simple hair loss treatment continues.

The root of the problem lies not with the ability of the skin to grow hair. Rather the problem is literally underlying the skin. It is skull growth or thickening that takes place along or near skull suture lines and cuts off circulation to hair follicles. When bone growth or thickening on top of the skull at the suture lines takes place, it pushes against the underside of the skin, which decreases the blood flow in the skin and reduces the supply of nutrients needed for hair growth.



Features & Benefits:

Innovative new full scalp treatment

Small foot print

Custom-like fit for every shape and size head.

UNISEX design

Eliminates the need for multiple treatments, elixirs and machines

Hair growth

Compact and user-friendly

Versatile & Sturdy for heavy usage

Convenient and Effective

Affordably priced

Discreet colors