Pin Pusher for Firearms™



The Pin Pusher for Firearms™ is a tool for disassembling and cleaning firearms. The mirror helps line up the pusher to the pin, and it pushes out the pin for thorough disassembling and cleaning.

Cleaning firearms in a necessary part of gun ownership. It is important to keep firearms in good working order for safe operation. The Pin Pusher for Firearms™ makes that job much quicker and easier, and allows the user to have more time for shooting.




Special features

  • Pushes pin out completely
  • Makes disassembling a faster process
  • Better cleaning results
  • Removeable mirror allows pin to be seen on both sides
  • Removes protruding or countersunk pins
  • Prevents damage from other pin removal methods
  • Grip locks onto finger
  • Keeps both hands free to use
  • Non-scratch rubber coating
  • Convenient cleaning tool
  • Simple to use
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Two sizes, ½” or 1”, for different firearms
  • Inexpensive to manufacture
  • Made for all firearm owners




The Pin Pusher for Firearms™ is a new barrel-release tool to assist with tear-down of a firearm by pushing out the pin. Simply place the pin pusher tool on a finger, with both hands free, pull the slide back, and easily release the pin. This prepares the gun for cleaning.

This tool can be used for a variety of guns, comes with two different attachments, and will easily remove protruding or countersunk pins. A small, circular mirror fits over the screw on top of the finger grip. This allows the user to quickly locate the pin, see the pin from both sides, and to assist with removal. The Pin Pusher for Firearms™ is available in two sizes for removing either ½” or 1” pins. It will not damage or scratch the gun while removing the pin.

The rubber-coated grip is comfortable on a finger, stays secure while in use, and leaves both hands free to perform the cleaning functions. The Pin Pusher for Firearms™ is constructed of stainless steel, is very durable, and will be a great addition to any gun owner’s cleaning tool kit.


To use:



Materials needed to produce the Pin Pusher for Firearms™:

  • Stainless steel grip
    • Rubber coated
    • Ring or clamp
  • Tips
    • Interchangeable
    • Threaded
    • Round tip
    • Flat tip
  • Removeable mirror
  • Screw
  • O-ring




The Pin Pusher for Firearms™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,190,845
















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