TRIM Machine™



The TRIM Machine™ (Total Resistance in Motion) is a full-body exercise machine that utilizes all major muscle groups. By reaching, pulling, standing and squatting, all muscles are worked. By engaging the bars and connected ropes, resistance is offered, strengthening the muscles as they are moved. The entire body can be worked without switching machines or loading additional apparatus. Joints are not impacted, and the stretching feels good.




Special features

  • Total resistance exercise machine
  • Full body workout
  • Total range of motion
  • Core, arms and legs are exercised
  • Simple movements from crouch to spread-eagle
  • No stress to body’s joints
  • Each arm can move independently
  • Resistance levels can be adjusted
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive equipment



The TRIM Machine™ is a new type of exercise machine that will work the total body all at once. Resistance is provided for each group of muscles, including core, arms and legs. Simple movement from crouching to standing will not stress joints and is easy to do at any speed desired. Ropes and pulleys are attached to two upward-extending poles. Handles are provided for comfort and ease of maintaining resistance while moving up or down. A sturdy, wooden platform to stand on, provides an area to place and adjust feet to a comfortable position.

Strengthening muscles, achieving stamina goals and gaining strength and balance are all possible with the TRIM Machine™. Stretching muscles is important for elasticity and keeping a body in good shape. Resistance can be set at different levels for different needs. These may include just stretching to relieve stress and tightness in the back and in all other muscle groups, gaining core strength and balance, building muscle in arms and legs, and overall better health.

All muscle groups are included in this simple, low-impact exercise. By crouching and bending, then slowly rising, then finally extending arms and legs to the greatest capacity, muscles all over the entire body are worked. Strength and mobility, as well as muscle mass, are increased, and the body is healthier. The TRIM Machine™ was created by a leukemia patient to restore lost body mass, but can be used for low-impact exercise, stretching and weight training for all ages.


Materials needed to produce the TRIM Machine™:

  • Metal base
    • Angle iron
  • Wooden platform
  • PVC pipe and fittings
  • Hand grips
  • Connection device
  • Turnbuckles and springs
  • Pulleys
  • Nylon ropes

The TRIM Machine™ is covered by United States Utility Patent:  9,352,181
















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