Widporph’s Jamb Stix™



The Widorph’s Jamb Stix™ is an adjustable guideline holder that is used to hold a plumb line for correct brick placement. Two are needed, one for each end line, and they can be placed inside the brick pocket. This eliminates the need to use a level to place bricks correctly.

The Widorph’s Jamb Stix™ is adjustable, for use in all residential and commercial bricklaying projects. It is convenient, easy to use, and transports easily. This time-saving tool will become a necessary item in a mason’s tool box.



Special features

  • Small and portable
  • Simple to use
  • Quick plumb line setting
  • No level needed
  • Groove holds the guide line stable
  • Line secured with one wrap
  • Allows for quick line length adjustments
  • Adjusts 4” to 6” to fit any brick well
  • Bricklaying is easier for gables and arches
  • Can be used on finished soffit
  • Great time-saver



The Widorph’s Jamb Stix™ is a set of two adjustable guideline holders for bricklaying. The holder fits inside the brick well and is anchored by adjusting the width to about an eighth inch wider than the width of the soffit. It securely holds the plumb line at each end, and is easy to move from row to row.

The Widorph’s Jamb Stix™ are molded aluminum, they slide together and apart easily, and are tightened with a bolt and wing nut. This makes it easy to change from project to project that may require different sizes. The pinch ring holds the line securely with one wrap, and the line is loosened by unwrapping on one unit, leaving the other tight.

How to Use:

Mark the soffit with plumb lines for each level of bricks. When placing the jamb stix, make sure that the line is even with the marks at both ends.



Make sure the fit of the jamb stix is secure. Adjust the units for a tight fit, about one eighth of an inch wider than the space.



Lay the first row of bricks, using the guideline for placement and leveling. Don’t forget the mortar. Move jamb sticks up, row by row, until the project is finished



Materials needed to produce the Widorph’s Jamb Stix™:

  • Aluminum components (2)
    • Drilled
    • Shaped
    • Fitted
  • Bolt, washer and wing nut
  • Pinch ring washer
  • Self-tapping screw


The Widorph’s Jamb Stix™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,650,793













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