Nazo Snake Killer™




The Nazo Snake Killer™ is a snake killing tool that safely cuts off a snake’s head or cuts the snake in half in seconds.

How the Nazo Snake Killer™ Works:

  • Position the Nazo Snake Killer™ over the snake between the tines – Should be just below the snake’s head
  • Thrust the handle downward until the blade is stopped in its downward travel (Blade stops 1/32 of an inch from the bottom to avoid blade damage and dulling)
  • The handle is then released and the blade retracts






Special features

  • Safely cuts off snake’s head or cuts the snake in half in seconds
  • Blade is easily removed to be replaced or sharpened
  • Tines hold the snake in place
  • Enables user to chop off whatever part of the snake is exposed
  • Blade is automatically reset upon completion of the downward stroke of the handle
  • The blade moves within the outer body without binding or substantial friction
  • T-handle allows user to apply a greater downward thrust in deploying the blade
  • Handle is long enough so that the user can safely confront the snake without being within striking distance
  • Blade stops 1/32 of an inch from the bottom to avoid blade damage
  • Because blade never hits the ground, it stays sharp







The Nazo Snake Killer™ provides a fork at the end of an extended pole to retain a snake and a movable blade within the fork to sever the head of the snake once the snake is held fast. The blade may be advantageously operated with an elastic band. Alternatively, the blade may be hand-operated against the resistant force of a compressible spring, or it may be hand-operated without either the elastic band or the compressible spring


Materials needed to produce the Nazo Snake Killer™:

  • Elongated handle
    • Annular grommet
      • Metal
  • Guillotine
    • Pair of wings
  • Pair of tines
    • Pair of shoulders
  • Limiter post
  • Compression spring



The Nazo Snake Killer™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: . 9,504,246















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