Rotary Brush Harvester



The Rotary Brush Harvester is a new machine that uses a brush to catch fruit and other crops as they are removed from a tree or bush, then deposits them into a tarp to gently roll down into the catch trays.

By causing less damage to harvested crops, farmers gain a higher yield and better grade for their produce. The Rotary Brush Harvester also saves money by reducing labor costs from hand picking their produce. This new harvester will benefit any fruit harvest, large or small.




Special features

  • Gently removes fruit from trees and bushes
  • Catches fruit in brush and lowers to tarp
  • Reduces amount of damaged fruit
  • Soft bristles on rotary brush
  • Harvesting is easier
  • Saves time and manpower
  • No hand picking
  • Better harvest yield
  • Simple operation




Harvesting fruit is a time-consuming business that can now be done easier and faster with the new Rotary Brush Harvester. This new machine catches the branches, gently brushes the fruit from trees and bushes, lowers them to a tarp (or conveyor belts) and sends them to collection trays or bins. Bruising or damages to fruit are reduced by not having the produce fall from the tree and drop into a basket or bin.

The harvester can be used for stone fruit, olives, and many other kinds of produce. It attaches to a tractor and can pick produce from rows of trees or bushes. Hand picking is no longer necessary when using the Rotary Brush Harvester. This saves lots of time and money for farmers.



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The  Rotary Brush Harvester is covered by United States Utility Patent:  8,635,845
















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